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Control over salary payments strengthened on Sakhalin

Almost doubled since the beginning of the year the amount owed to their employees by island employers - from 35 to 60 million rubles. For many of them, this has already turned into criminal cases. Law enforcers continue to promise to respond to such violations as hard as possible, the press service of the regional administration

Control over salary payments strengthened on Sakhalin
A new area of ​​responsibility appears with the mayors. At today's conference call, which was held by the governor Oleg Kozhemyako, they were urged to more actively identify hidden debts in the regions.

The situation in the labor market is unstable throughout the country. Sakhalin region is no exception. One of the main trends is the increase in the number of unscrupulous employers. 99 of them in Sakhalin and the Kuriles in the first quarter of the year suffered administrative responsibility. This is three times more than the same period. 2015-th. In the courts, over 2 thousand suits were filed for salary delays. Half of them are already satisfied. In total, 13 legal entities in 7 municipalities are listed as debtors.

"These are enterprises of agriculture, fishing industry, construction," explained Tatyana Babich, acting head of the Sakhalin Oblast Employment and Employment Agency.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against employers. The loudest - in the fish factory "Island". Over the past two years, wage arrears have become familiar here. WITH 2014-th by 2016-th 8 prosecution submissions have been made to company management. 6 officials were brought to disciplinary proceedings. Disqualified 2-uh executives. And only after intervening in the situation of the authorities of all levels this year managed to settle accounts with 503 workers. In total, they were paid 14,2 million rubles.

- The situation at the fish factory is complicated, but gradually normalizes. We call on law enforcement officers to observe the law and punish the guilty, but not block the work of Ostrovnoy. The main task is to preserve the enterprise and give people the opportunity to earn Malokurilsky residents there. About a hundred people work there today, ”said Oleg Kozhemyako.

Law enforcers are now conducting inspections in other organizations that were slow to pay with their employees.

- In the preliminary investigation, we sent 6 materials. For example, on the facts of long delays in salaries in LLC Spetsaerostroy - for the amount of 21 million rubles. The cases were also raised against the leadership of the Sakhalin Corporation of Industrial and Civil Construction, the Kholm Tin Can Factory, the Timiryazevskoye farm, the district prosecutor Nikolai Ryabov said.

He promised - law enforcement and controlling bodies will fight hardest with debts at Sakhalin enterprises. If previously unscrupulous employers were first persuaded, then officially warned, and finally brought to administrative responsibility, but now the materials on them will be immediately transferred to the investigative bodies.

Evaluation will henceforth be given to actions not only by the leadership of organizations, but also by their founders. Analysis of the reasons for the formation of debts, for example, seizure of fixed assets, improper withdrawal of property. Particular attention will be paid to bankrupt enterprises - they will closely monitor the work of arbitration managers. And the mayors will now have a new duty - to more actively identify hidden debts.

- Unfortunately, under the supervision of official statistics, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs do not fall. And often there is that hidden debt. At the same time, all this negatively affects the filling of local budgets and, in general, the situation in the regions, "said Tatyana Babich.

The outcome was summed up by the governor: "We have a clear understanding that in the matter of debt repayment it is necessary to work together - law enforcement and controlling bodies, regional and district authorities. The special responsibility lies with the mayors - they must constantly monitor the financial condition of enterprises in the districts. And in the case of difficulties - immediately signal this, in order to prevent the accumulation of debts. The situation is not easy and it needs to be broken. Everyone should remember - the issue of timely payment of wages is directly related to the well-being of people. The demand for this will be tough. "