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Large catches of pink salmon at the level of 2009 year on Sakhalin and the Kuriles will not be - scientists - EastRussia | Far East






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Large catch of pink salmon at the level of 2009 year on Sakhalin and the Kurils will not be - scientists

The reduction in the number of pink salmon that comes to spawn in the Sakhalin-Kuril region is recorded by scientists. TASS reported today Director of the Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (SakhNIRO) Alexander Buslov, large catches in 2009, when salmon was taken over 300 thousand. Tons, will not in the near future

Large catch of pink salmon at the level of 2009 year on Sakhalin and the Kurils will not be - scientists
“For several years we have taken record catch of pink salmon. There will be no more, ”the candidate of biological sciences noted. At the same time, in 2016, Sakhalin scientists are counting on good approaches of pink salmon. It is assumed that the fishermen of Sakhalin and Kuriles will be able to take about 58 thousand tons of this red fish.

"This is a good forecast, but we think that there will be more fish. At present, the records are being kept, and his data show that a good flock is coming to us. According to the optimistic forecast, pink salmon catch may be up to 100 thousand tons, "Buslov said, adding that the forecast for catching chum salmon is very high (46 thousand tons). This is confirmed by the data of marine surveys.

After there will be a decline

“Most likely, we will further descend to the average long-term values. It is necessary to get used to this. Building an economy based on the fact that salmon approaches will always be high, is wrong, ”said Buslov. He explained that pink salmon is an unpredictable fish, it sharply raises and lowers the numbers.

The director of SakhNIRO explained that the fishermen compare the course of the fishing season in even and odd years, and odd years are considered “fish”. In 2014, 82 thousand tons of pink salmon were mined in the Sakhalin-Kuril zone, in 2012 - 99 thousand tons. According to the observations that the institute has been conducting over the last 70 years, on an even year, on average, 35 thousand tons of pink salmon were caught.

The head of SakhNIRO also reported that populations of other fish species are increasing. For example, mackerel, sardines, and Ivasi enter the Sakhalin-Kurile zone in large quantities. Situations where the number of one type of fish increases and the other decreases, are folded once in 20-40 years, noted the scientist.

Artificial reproduction

Fish farms can neutralize the consequences of low salmon approaches, says the head of the Sakhalin Oblast Fisheries Agency, Sergey Didenko. “According to the program for the development of the fishing industry in the region, by the 2020, the islands are planning to put into operation new fish hatcheries and increase the release of fry to 1,2-1,25 billion pieces, "Didenko said.
At present, 42 hatcheries of all types of ownership work on Sakhalin and the Kuriles, which annually produce up to 800 million fingerlings of salmon species.

The head of the agency said that this year begins the construction of four plants on the south-western coast of Sakhalin.

Economic selection

According to Didenko, the situation with the fishery will economically adjust the number of fishing enterprises in the region. Currently, more than 200 are registered in the Sakhalin Oblast. At two thirds of them expected volumes of catches are below the limit, which would allow recouping the installation of seines.

Asked by TASS how many fishing enterprises should be in the region, Didenko noted that the economy should be at the forefront. "You can catch 40 tons and make such a delicacy that will pay all expenses, but you can catch 10 thousand tons, but sell fish for a song and you will not have enough for fishing gear," the head of the agency explained.

He recalled that on the eve of the meeting on regulation of the fishery the following figures were announced: the approach of pink salmon in the west of Sakhalin - 1,2 thousand tons, 30 enterprises applied for this volume, it turns out that the enterprise has 40 tons. “This is very little. And therefore there are risks of bankruptcy, ”Didenko added.