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Cousteau asked to ban the catch of cetaceans in Russia - EastRussia | Far East






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Cousteau asked to ban the catch of cetaceans in Russia

Cousteau asked to ban the catch of cetaceans in Russia

Oceanologist Jean-Michel Cousteau sent a letter to Rosprirodnadzor and the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources with a request to exclude all marine mammals from the total allowable catch in Russian waters for 2020. In his opinion, trapping for cultural and educational purposes does not help to learn more about animals, but destroys them.

Cousteau and the executive director of the Whale Sanctuary project Charles Vinnik sent the head of Rosprirodnadzor Svetlana Radionova, the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Dmitry Kobylkin, as well as members of the state environmental review.

“We recently learned about the ongoing discussions on the total allowable catch of marine mammals for 2020 year and are pleased to hear that experts have already excluded killer whales from the total allowable catch. We also ask you to exclude the capture of other cetaceans, including beluga whales, grind, bottlenose dolphins, and Pacific white-sided dolphins for cultural and educational purposes from the total allowable catch, ”the letter provided by EastRussia by the Sakhalin Environmental Watch public organization says.

Scientists emphasize that science knows little about the populations of these cetaceans, and their capture for cultural and educational purposes and keeping them in oceanariums is the wrong way to learn more about them. To study them, according to the Cousteau team, it is necessary in their natural habitat.

Cousteau’s team helped free the prisoners of the “Whale Prison” in Srednyaya Bay. The oceanographer has repeatedly appealed to the regional and federal authorities with a request for help in releasing animals to freedom.

Last week in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk released last two killer whales from the “whale prison” and six belugas. Now there are still 75 belugas in the Srednyaya Bay, VNIRO promised to release them in August in large batches.