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Any victory in the conditions of the Korean crisis will be Pyrrhic - expert - EastRussia | Far East






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Any victory in the conditions of the Korean crisis will be Pyrrhic - expert

The acute situation on the Korean Peninsula will be further developed, “it is still not over,” says Konstantin Asmolov, a leading researcher at the Center for Korean Studies at the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As he said in an interview with the Russia 24 channel, the presentation of the new “Korean strategy” of the United States that was scheduled for today could be a new starting point for the development of the situation. According to an orientalist, the US leadership in recent years has focused exclusively on data from South Korean intelligence, which represents its neighbors as a weak adversary. Meanwhile, North Korea is actively developing a nuclear program, has great mobilization capabilities, and “any victory there will be pyrrhic,” the expert said.

“There are (for the White House - ER) two options, - either go to negotiations, or to a forceful decision. Negotiations with the DPRK are fraught for the United States with great reputational losses, because the demonization of North Korea has reached the level at which reports that officials are feeding dogs there have become ordinary, ”says Konstantin Asmolov. At the same time, the scientist expressed the hope that the aggravation will go further "according to the model of the Caribbean crisis, when the parties at the last moment refrained from a collision."

A day earlier, the South Korean agency Yonhap announced the delivery to the country of the American anti-missile system THAAD. On Wednesday, six trailers with radar and other equipment entered the deployment site, a golf course, which caused a clash between the police and local residents. On the eve of the DPRK, an artillery exercise near the port of Wonsan celebrated the 85 anniversary of the founding of the armed forces. Last Sunday, joint naval flotilla exercises led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and destroyers of Japan’s self-defense forces began in the Philippine Islands, which could provoke the DPRK authorities to demonstrate their cannon power. At the end of the week, similar exercises are planned with the participation of the South Korean military. According to the US military, Carl Vinson will stay a month off the coast of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang, in turn, declared its readiness to sink the ship if necessary.