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Medvedev calls for improved control over spending on national projects - EastRussia | Far East






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Medvedev urged to improve control over spending on national projects

Medvedev urged to improve control over spending on national projects
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Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev pointed out the need to consider the issue of improving control over the expenditure of funds allocated to national projects. About it сообщает RIA News.

The Prime Minister also instructed the Ministry of Finance and Rosfinmonitoring, together with the Treasury, to prepare relevant proposals. The head of Rosfinmonitoring, Yury Chikhanchin, at a meeting with the head of government noted that there are a number of points in control over expenses that need to be improved. “Of course, it is necessary to consider a transparent pricing system with ministries and departments. We would like all the same, when the contract was concluded, the main contractor would provide at least a general estimate, where we would see the main costs, invoices and all social payments. This gives us more specific opportunities, ”he noted. He also added that his department would be greatly helped by the emergence of separate accounting and authorized banks. Such a measure will facilitate the identification of expenditures on national projects in the total money supply.

“On the preparation of additional regulatory decisions, in particular on the vesting with additional powers, be it the Treasury or other structures, I am ready to consider proposals. I have a request - together with the Ministry of Finance, together with the Treasury to prepare relevant proposals, ”noted Dmitry Medvedev.