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Medvedev told, when will enter the four-day working week - EastRussia | Far East






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Medvedev said when they introduce a four-day working week

Medvedev said when they introduce a four-day working week

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at the International Labor Conference that in the future it is possible to reduce the work week to four days. Technological progress and development of labor legislation will lead to this. About it сообщает TASS.

“It is very likely that the future is for a four-day working week as the basis of a social and labor contract,” the Prime Minister noted, adding that in world practice there are already precedents for the growth of labor productivity while reducing working time. As an example, he cited the working week of the American entrepreneur Henry Ford from 48 to 40 hours, which led to an intensification of production. Dmitry Medvedev also noted that in modern history there are similar cases - the New Zealand company has reduced the working time of employees to four days, which turned into an increase in labor productivity in terms of one hour of working time by 20%.

“We need new approaches to such basic concepts as working day and workplace. We are talking about a more loyal organization of working time: flexible schedules, distance formats, calling employees as needed, ”said Dmitry Medvedev, adding that at the last World Health Assembly, burnout syndrome was officially recognized as a disease.