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"Mercy Agro Sakhalin" brought more than 2000 pigs to Sakhalin Island - EastRussia | Far East






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"Mercy Agro Sakhalin" brought to the island of Sakhalin more than 2000 pigs

"Mercy Agro Sakhalin" brought to the island of Sakhalin more than 2000 pigs
Representative of "Mercy Agro Sakhalin" A. Mezentsev said that several thousand pigs for breeding had arrived in Sakhalin. He noted that these actions were carried out within the framework of the project for the development of the food industry in the region. Mezentsev explained that at present there was brought to the village of Taranai about 2250 pigs of a large white breed.

These animals will not go to slaughter, they were brought specially for breeding, in order to create a base for a stable increase in meat production in the region. The executive director said that in the 2017 year also bring a batch of pigs, but already much less in quantity - 100 goals. They will also be left for breeding, but the breed of pigs is not specified. It is likely that on the basis of the cattle already available to the company, breeding activities will be conducted to improve the quality of the breed.

The pig complex is still being built, but next year it will be completely put into operation. At the moment the pig farm contains 12 000 goals. Also in the company's plans is the development of production for deep processing of pork. Recall that the company first organized production in Sakhalin in 2014 year, and since that time it has been supplying about 80 tons of chilled meat every month. Also, a special gift for the islanders on the occasion of the anniversary of the company was the opportunity to order meat half-carcasses, thus solving the problem with winter supplies. The cooled product is delivered to the house, which allows you to significantly reduce the cost of transporting meat for each family.