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Ministry of Health of Kamchatka seeks to co-finance the construction of the regional hospital from the federal budget - EastRussia | Far East






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The Ministry of Health of Kamchatka is seeking to co-finance the construction of a regional hospital from the federal budget

The Ministry of Health of the Kamchatka Territory is currently seeking to include the project of building a regional hospital in the program "Economic and Social Development of the Far East and Trans-Baikal". The regional authorities expect that in the near future the facility will receive funding from the federal center

The Ministry of Health of Kamchatka is seeking to co-finance the construction of a regional hospital from the federal budget
The budget application is now under consideration in the Ministry of Health of Russia, the press service of the regional administration reports. The total cost of building a regional hospital today is about 11 billion rubles.

“We have a notification from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation that we are included in the waiting list. Our facility, the regional hospital, is second in line to receive federal funding. Before us in the list of Magadan with the construction of the oncologic dispensary. We hope that thanks to the work now being carried out by the regional Ministry of Health to include the facility in the state program, allocations from the federal budget will be allocated to us, ”said Tatiana Lemeshko, Minister of Health of Kamchatsky.

The minister also added that now the construction of the regional hospital continues at the expense of the regional budget. On 2016, 200 million rubles have been allocated for these purposes. Now the contractor is preparing a monolithic reinforced concrete foundation for the installation of metal structures. By the end of this week, the last one will be poured with concrete - the fifth foundation slab.

"Then we will proceed to the installation of metal structures - these are the basic load-bearing structures of the building, its skeleton. They are ordered at the Arkaim plant in the Khabarovsk Territory, at the end of the week the first shipment is being prepared. These are the columns, on which the whole frame of the building will be "tied up". Now on the already filled slabs we put an anchor for fastening these columns to the concrete basement foundation. For today it is the most labor-consuming process at the construction site, "noted Marina Malysheva, Deputy Director for Construction of OOO Master.

It is planned that the work on the erection of metal structures of the second hospital building at 170 berths will be completed by the contractor in December this year. At the same time, specialists are adjusting the construction project.

"Now the standards for the design of medical institutions have changed. In this regard, we are changing the engineering infrastructure of the facility, the drainage system, the structure of the branches. The new project will be approved in February next year. As for the current work, all the volume that is planned will be fulfilled. That is, the contractor, who will work at the next stage, will already start not from the ground, but from the "zero mark" - the foundation. Installation of structures and equipment will begin immediately. New work schedules will be drawn up after the approval of the new project, "said the head of the customer service Leonid Mintsev.

The hospital complex will consist of a diagnostic center and several medical buildings. All enclosures will be interconnected by aboveground and underground passages. The hospital will provide the most sought-after high-tech types of medical care in the region, and comfortable conditions for patients in the hospital will be created. It is planned to organize more 400 beds. The total area of ​​the complex will be more than 40 ha.

"The regional hospital is the object that every resident of the Kamchatka Territory is waiting for. Many people come from remote areas, when they are sent for treatment, prosthetics, examination. It is important that the new hospital is a single complex where it will be possible to obtain the full range of medical services, undergo a complete examination or treatment, "said Yevgeny Kalinov, chairman of the public council at the Ministry of Health of the Kamchatka Territory.