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Fraudsters left a Primorye without money and an apartment in St. Petersburg - EastRussia | Far East






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Fraudsters left the Primorye without money and an apartment in St. Petersburg

Fraudsters left the Primorye without money and an apartment in St. Petersburg
Special project Financial literacy

A resident of Vladivostok, who was planning a vacation in St. Petersburg, was the victim of scammers. The man transferred an advance for renting an apartment, but in the end he was left without money and housing.

The adverts found an advertisement for an apartment in the center of St. Petersburg on the Internet. After that, he contacted the owner of the housing, discussed the living conditions with him and transferred about 20 thousand rubles as an advance for rent. After transferring money, the recipient deleted the advertisement from the site and disconnected the phone. Now law enforcement officers are engaged in this business.

Experts note that people choose to rent a property from the owner to save money, but there is a risk of being left without housing and money. Therefore, a more reliable option is to rent through a professional intermediary, for example, through a real estate agency.

“It is wise to choose an agency that has worked well, has long been working in the real estate services market. As a rule, you can first contact the agency to make a rental application, discussing the territorial location, the level of household comfort, the maximum rental price, length of stay, etc. An experienced agent will select and pre-approve several rental options with the possibility of settling in on the day of the show, ”commented expert on the information portal Zhilfin.rf (within the framework of the project of the Ministry of Finance of Russia on financial literacy) Lolla Kirillova.

The agency will cost such services within the cost of one month of rental of the selected housing. However, experts emphasize that the result usually justifies the costs. At the same time, working with such agencies is convenient - you can conclude a contract with them remotely, having previously exchanged scanned copies of the contract.

“Large agencies can guarantee the legal purity of their transactions: the lessor’s documents, title documents for the premises being leased are pre-checked. When concluding a contract with an agency, you need to pay attention to the wording of the contract. Remuneration to a real estate agent should be paid only upon the conclusion of a lease agreement, ”said Lolla Kirillova.

Experts advise to search for housing in another city to send applications and call up at once with several agencies - so the chance to find the best option is higher. At the same time, it is not necessary to perceive the agreement with the agency as the transfer of exclusive rights to search for housing, it is not necessary to make an advance for services not yet provided.

“You can also find rental options on your own, and contact the agency for legal support - to check the condition of the selected housing, the availability and verification of documents of title, making an advance,” said Lolla Kirillova.

If you still want to rent an apartment directly with the owner, you need to pay attention to the following points: the price should not be too low; It is better to refuse to pay before check-in; the parties to the agreement must be specified in the lease agreement, the subject indicates the rental of a dwelling with an address, title documents, lease term, terms and conditions of payment, the procedure for paying utility bills, and provider services. In addition, the tenant is advised to ask the owner for an extract from the USRN, and to check whether the power of attorney has been revoked on the website of the Federal Notary Chamber (the “Register of powers of attorney”).

“When concluding a lease, sign a bilateral act of transferring the premises. Describe all the significant characteristics of housing, the state of repair, household appliances, furniture. Landlords often take a “security deposit” in the form of a sum of money for one month of rent, which is counted for the last month of residence. The act of acceptance of premises is necessary for this money to really be counted over the last month, and not credited for allegedly corrupted things. Also record the fact of payment under the lease agreement - receipts, bank payment documents, ”the expert advises.