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In Kamchatka, authorities are demanding to shoot hundreds of "extra" bears - EastRussia | Far East






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In Kamchatka, authorities demand to shoot hundreds of "extra" bears

In Kamchatka, authorities demand to shoot hundreds of "extra" bears

In Kamchatka, local authorities are demanding to shoot hundreds of brown bears in the South Kamchatka Nature Reserve. According to them, the number of animals exceeded 2,5 times and poses a threat to people living in settlements. However, the leadership of the Kronotsky Reserve, which oversees the specially protected area, opposes such measures.

As EastRussia was told by the head of the scientific department of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Kronotsky Zapovednik" Daria Panicheva, the population density of bears in the reserve is really higher than in other territories. There are five individuals per unit area, while in hunting areas this indicator is equal to 1,46. But it always has been. The reserve is a reference ecosystem where anthropogenic factors do not affect bears. The number of clubfoot there is stably high; it should be regulated only naturally.

“As soon as there are more animals than the resources of this territory can sustain, cannibalism begins to grow among them, the sterility of the population increases, when some individuals become infertile, diseases arise. At the moment, there are no such cases in the reserve. On the contrary, if on average, a bear cub has two cubs born in Kamchatka, then we have registered cases when a bear cub grew four cubs and brought them up to three years, ”said Daria Panicheva.

According to scientists, now there is more than enough food for brown bears in the reserve. Red fish, which accumulated at the beginning of the season in Kuril Lake, has already entered rivers and has become accessible to clubfoot. They do not need to go out to settlements in search of food and attack people.

As for the shooting, they insist on it at the Kamchatka Forestry and Wildlife Protection Agency. However, the last word remains with the Federal Ministry of Natural Resources, to which the reserve is directly subordinate.