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On the island of Matua, the expedition of the RGO and the Ministry of Defense repaired the helipad - EastRussia | Far East






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On the island of Matua expedition RGO and the Ministry of Defense repaired the helicopter pad

The helicopter landing site was repaired on the Kuril Islands of Matua by the expedition of the Ministry of Defense and the Russian Geographical Society (RGO), after which it began to investigate the forts and warehouses

On the island of Matua expedition RGO and the Ministry of Defense repaired the helicopter pad
This was announced today by the chief of the press service of the Eastern Military District (VVO), Colonel Alexander Gordeyev.

"The participants carried out repair work to restore the artificial coating and marking of the helicopter pad. The personnel of the expedition examined the area of ​​the Ainu Bay, where, according to the assumption, there was a battalion stronghold. The search groups began to investigate fortifications, warehouses and the former residence of the commander 2-th The Kuril garrison of the Japanese troops. In addition, landscape mapping is actively carried out, ”said Gordeev.

He added that today members of the expedition begin work in the Bay of Dvoynaya, in particular, it is to clear it from rocks and boulders so that a large landing ship (BDK) can approach the shore by means of "on point-blank" and unload material assets and equipment. Previously, they were delivered ashore with the BDK in small batches with the help of a barge.

“It is planned that the expedition will continue for at least a month,” said Gordeev.

The joint expedition of the RGO, the Russian Defense Ministry, the Air Defense Forces and the Pacific Fleet under the leadership of the Deputy Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Vice Admiral Andrei Ryabukhin, which included about 200 people, left six ships and vessels 7 from Vladivostok, and 14 arrived in Matua.

Matua Island is located in the middle part of the Kuril chain. At the beginning of the Second World War, the Japanese turned it into a powerful fortress in addition to natural fortifications, the role of which played a relief. Earlier, RGO president Sergei Shoigu told reporters that the island has many fortifications, mines, grottoes, two runways that are heated by thermal springs, the road to the volcano.

As noted by TASS, it is still unknown what happened to a huge amount of equipment and ammunition prepared to repel Soviet troops, and where two thirds of the Japanese garrison, which was located on the island, went.