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In the south of Sakhalin, KRSO to build a mini-LNG plant - EastRussia | Far East






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In the south of Sakhalin, the KRSO will build a mini LNG plant

The agreement of intent to invest 750 million rubles from the regional budget in the construction of a mini-LNG plant in southern Sakhalin on Wednesday signed with Sakhalin Regional Production and Construction Company (SPS) Sakhalin Regional Development Corporation (KRSO)

In the south of Sakhalin, the KRSO will build a mini LNG plant
According to the Interfax correspondent, who was present at the document signing ceremony, the head of the KRSU, Sergey Khotochkin, and the executive director of the Sakhalin PSC, Valery Boltik, signed the agreement.

The total cost of the project is 1 billion rubles. The remaining funds will be invested by the construction company.

Investment loan KRSO offers to provide 5% per annum for 7 years (the payback period of the project), while the CPM will be given a deferment for 1 year on the return of loan funds and interest rate payment. The terms of this loan should be agreed by the government of the region by the end of June.

The first tranche in the amount of 600 million rubles is planned to be allocated to the company in the current year, the remaining funds - in 2017 year.
The project includes the construction of a mini-plant with the capacity of 12 thousand tons of LNG per year (1,5 tons per hour) and two mobile gas filling stations (GNCC - they will include a gas compression unit and a mobile gas station). The first batch of LNG plant, as planned, will be delivered in August-September 2017.

"The project is of social importance, since the regional authorities set the task to transfer boiler plants in areas with expensive diesel fuel to LNG and thereby get a reduction in the tariff for heat supply services. The advantage of LNG is that the gas is compressed at 600 times and at a small volume can be delivered over long distances, "V.Boltic explained to the journalists.

According to him, if the first stage of the plant is not enough, the company will build the second stage, bringing the plant capacity to 24 thousand tons of LNG per year.

The gas to be compressed is from the Sakhalin-2 PSA project. An agreement with Gazprom on this issue was signed for the supply of Sakhalin PSK 66 million cubic meters of gas per year, the technical conditions and contracts for technical connection were obtained.

The site in 8 ha of the future plant is located in 200 meters from the gas distribution station (GDS) “Dalneye”, through the GDS “big gas” from the main gas pipeline of the Sakhalin-2 project is supplied for the needs of the region gasification. Now on this site preparatory earthworks are underway. The equipment will be ordered in Yekaterinburg, the compression unit will come from Italy.
The first GNSS has already been built, and commissioning work will begin there in the coming days. The entire municipal motor transport (from special equipment to passenger buses) of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will be transferred to gas, the population, taxi stations and enterprises also show interest in gas fuel.

“In the Far East to the Urals, there is no experience in using gas filling stations. We will be the first to test this undertaking, then we will decide further on the prospects for increasing the volume of gas compression and the GNKS network. But the population and enterprises are already interested, since at the current prices for gasoline in the region from 40 to 42 rubles per 1 liter, gas will cost 20 rubles for the same car mileage, ”explained V. Boltik.

"In addition to the ecology and economic efficiency of this project, we reduce the risks of car fuel, 88% of which is now imported to the Sakhalin region from the mainland by sea transport," S.Khotochkin noted.

He also added that the owners of gasoline stations in the region will install gasoline columns at their gas stations and will buy them from the Sakhalin PSK, in the next few years they will be able to refuel their cars at any gas station.

KRCO (100% of shares owned by the government of the Sakhalin region) was established at the end of 2015, the authorized capital of the corporation is 50 billion rubles. In February 2016, the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation announced the transfer of the KRCO to the management of the Far East Development Fund.