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On the Trans-Baikal site of the Trans-Siberian there was a fourth accident in the last two months - EastRussia | Far East






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A fourth accident occurred in the Trans-Baikal area of ​​Transsib for the last two months

The fourth meeting of freight wagons for incomplete two months 2016 of the year occurred on Friday night in the Trans-Baikal section of Transsib

A fourth accident occurred in the Trans-Baikal area of ​​Transsib for the last two months
On the Kendahir stretch - Shunting was stopped, the traffic was derailed from the 15 rails of coal-carrying cars. Damaged 300 even meters and 100 odd path meters, as well as contact network supports. Two passenger trains were detained, the railroad workers attracted buses to transport passengers around the emergency section.

Trans-Baikal Railway (ZabZhD) is 2,3 thousand km of Transsib, one fourth of its length. It is laid on the territory of the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Amur Region in a sparsely populated area. This territory has a difficult relief, on it the severe climate prevails.

RZD reported 17 incidents on this road from the beginning of 2014 to the present day, not counting the ignition of rolling stock and rockfalls, which led to delays in the movement of trains, but not immediately off the rails. By a lucky chance the cars at the descent did not catch the oncoming passenger trains, in connection with which the accidents were done without serious consequences.

Even known cases are enough to consider the Trans-Baikal Railway as unsafe, Interfax notes.

The prosecutor's office is of the same opinion. Only in 2015 a year in the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Amur Region transport prosecutors revealed 1,63 thousand violations of the law - an average of the 4,5 protocol per day. To eliminate them, 172 submissions were submitted to the railway managers, 50 claims were sent to the courts. The prosecutor's office demanded that the head of the Trans-Baikal Railway take exhaustive measures to eliminate and prevent further violations of the law on railway transport.
In early February, Skovorodinsky transport prosecutor appealed to the Central District Court of Chita in order to obtain from Railways a thorough repair of the railway 7280-7286 km Transsib. This site is located on the Gorely-Skovorodino railway, where in January, due to a rail break, the cars got off. According to the prosecutor's office, even before the accident, this section caused concern - in 2015, drawdowns were recorded 27 times, but no adequate measures were taken.