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German newspaper calls Khabarovsk Territory a rebellious republic - EastRussia | Far East






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The German newspaper called the Khabarovsk Territory a rebellious republic

The German newspaper called the Khabarovsk Territory a rebellious republic

The German edition of Frankfurter Rundscha published material on the last election in the Khabarovsk Territory. The author of the publication, whose translation I will present Inopressa, calls the region a rebellious republic, but experts say that such elective events are an isolated case.

As the author writes Articles Stefan Scholl, the election campaign in the Khabarovsk Territory was dirty, full of fakes and falsifications, but ended with a number of crushing victories for the Liberal Democratic Party, of which Governor Sergei Furgal is a member. The head of the party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, is already predicting "Khabarovization" of all of Russia.

Experts are of the opinion that the father of this victory of the Liberal Democratic Party is governor Sergei Furgal - supposedly a rather unique character, with very good connections with the criminal world and pronounced populist rhetoric: he blames Moscow for its problems and does not pay its predecessors.

Experts say that United Russia embittered citizens, while there are opposite accusations on social networks: LDPR representatives came to schools and forced teachers to vote for the party. As Frankfurter Rundschau notes, the emergency regime continues to operate in the Khabarovsk Territory due to floods, so it remains to wait for the governor to transfer the blame to Moscow after the flood.