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Check points on the seaside section of the Russian-Chinese border - Rosselkhoznadzor Territory - EastRussia | Far East






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Necessary security requirements do not correspond to checkpoints on the seaside section of the Russian-Chinese border - Rosselkhoznadzor region

At present, the border automobile checkpoints across the Russo-Chinese border Kraskino, Pogranichny, Markovo, Poltavka and Turiy Rog do not meet the requirements of the legislation for organizing disinfection of passing road transport, the site Rosselkhoznadzor said.

Necessary security requirements do not correspond to checkpoints on the seaside section of the Russian-Chinese border - Rosselkhoznadzor region
Order of Rosgranitsa from 05.09.2013 No. 204-OD approved the regulation on the Office for Capital Construction and Operation of the Federal Agency for the State Border Management, which was entrusted with the construction and operation of buildings and structures of checkpoints, with the exception of special equipment of state control bodies.

However, the territorial office of the Agency and the Office of Capital Construction and Operation refuse to provide work for disbarriers, arguing that this activity is not within their remit. In addition, the regulations do not specify how it should be financed.

At present, the owners of the disinfection units at border crossings are commercial organizations that charge carriers for handling the transport. This state of affairs, naturally, cannot be liked by transport companies, which is why refusals to pay for disinfection of machines arise more often. The owners of the treatment points are ready to cease their activities, but then it becomes unclear who should deal with the maintenance of the dischargers and, accordingly, the disinfection of vehicles.

So, from the middle of February of this year in Pogranichnoy due to insufficient funding, the work of the de-barrier has already been stopped, as a result, the handling of transport at the checkpoint is not performed.

The question of the functioning of disbarriers was repeatedly raised at meetings of the permanently functioning Interdepartmental Commission on Border Policy under the Administration of Primorsky Krai. However, due to the fact that the cost recovery mechanism is not legally defined, a solution to the problem has not yet been found. Nevertheless, officials of the Rosselkhoznadzor Department for the Primorsky Territory and the Sakhalin Region conduct inspections of dezbarriers every ten days, check their condition, check disinfectants, their stock and consumption.

The situation is similar with the furnaces for the disposal of biological waste. The decision of the Commission of the Customs Union from 22.06.2011 No. 688 at the border checkpoints should operate a system for collecting, temporary storage, transportation and disposal or destruction of animal or vegetable products prohibited from being imported into Russia. This requirement is enshrined in the orders of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation from 23.06.2008 No. 270 and No. 271. But at the moment there are no such systems, which is reflected in the passports of checkpoints.