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Nikolai Patrushev calls for the deportation of persons violating immigration laws from the Far East - EastRussia | Far East






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Nikolai Patrushev called on people deported from the Far East to violate migration legislation

The Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Patrushev, held a meeting in Yakutsk on state migration policy. One of the sore points that sounded at the event was the migration outflow of the population from the Far East, and the increase in the share of labor migrants in the territory.

Recall, EastRussia thoroughly investigated the situation with migration to the FEFD in the material "Plus minus the population of the Far East". Rosstat divides international migration into "CIS countries" and "other foreign countries". The positive balance in the migration exchange with the CIS countries is 9 thousand people. Against the backdrop of absolute values ​​(total of 24 thousand people came from the CIS countries, and 15 thousand people left), these 9 thousand "remaining" are very significant dynamics.

As always, it's interesting to see the shares - which of the Far Eastern regions is more susceptible to migration from the CIS countries, which is less. Interestingly, the Magadan region is leading with a significant margin - the population growth due to the arrived from the CIS countries is 0,7% of the average number in 2016 year (on average in the DFO this indicator is 0,14%). The second place is occupied by the Kamchatka Territory (0,23%). The indicator, for example, of Yakutia is only 0,07%.

According to Nikolai Patrushev, the reasons for the current situation are the underdevelopment of the social, housing and communal and transport infrastructure, low incomes in most sectors of the economy, and a high dependence on food supplies. The Secretary of the Security Council expressed particular concern over the situation with the employment of the rural population: "The unemployment rate here is high. A more complicated situation is observed in the Jewish Autonomous Region, Primorsky and Kamchatka Territories. "

According to Patrushev, it is equally important to localize the existing negative factors in the migration sphere, strengthen migration control, step up work to identify and prevent migration legislation. Given the terrorist threats, it is necessary to step up work on the timely identification of migrants among migrants who are prone to committing illegal actions, including those professing radical religious views. One of the important measures is the improvement of interdepartmental cooperation in the work on the deportation of persons who violated immigration laws.

According to Rosstat, the population of the Far Eastern Federal District for 1 2017 on 6 January was 182 679 12 people, that is, 290 2017 less than a year earlier. Nevertheless, the first months of the XNUMX year showed a trend towards Increase in outflows.