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Innovative production "Nastasya" checked the faith of Muscovites in God - EastRussia | Far East






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Innovative production of "Nastasya" checked the faith of Muscovites in God

The theater season in Moscow ended with the release of the philosophical production of Nastassja. The author of the play and director Anastasia Martzinkovskaya plans to stage the play in many cities, including in the Far East.

Innovative production of "Nastasya" checked the faith of Muscovites in God
Photo: Dmitry Dubinsky
Martzinkovskaya's staging is interesting with new solutions that she managed to find during her work. The performance is made in a completely new genre - unusual. “I returned to the scene the image of a female heroine who has recently been lost,” comments the director. - My Nastasya, as in the ancient epic, is forced to fight a mythical, fabulous dragon. In the play he personifies one of the most terrible mortal sins - despondency ”.

In the performance, the action takes place in two layers of time: now and 15 years ago. Nastasya is fighting for the life of a newborn son and for this goes down to hell. Terrible memories are mixed with sleep and reality.

To transfer this complex composition, modern multimedia capabilities were used. Some heroes appear only on the screen, but they have a full-fledged dialogue with the actors on the stage. And since the play is written according to the real events of the director's life, Anastasia Martzinkovskaya herself appears on the screen. The video series was shot in the style of neo-realism and inherits the traditions of Fellini, Tarkovsky and the creator of this genre, Salvador Dali.

The play raises timeless philosophical and biblical questions. Heroes, and at the same time the audience, check the strength of their faith. In the final, the author reminds us that “in the routine of a gray, monotonous life, we often do not recall what has been given to us from above. This is the fire of love. ” In this story, mother's love helped the child survive. But in reality, love and understanding of other people's problems gives rise to a desire to help strangers survive.

The performance was released in support of people with disabilities. Anastasia Martzinkovskaya gives a portion of the money for tickets and voluntary contributions to those in need of rehabilitation.