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On the plans to conduct a new nuclear weapon test, Kim Jong-un once again declared - EastRussia | Far East






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On the plans for a new nuclear weapon test, Kim Jong Eun once again stated

The leader of the DPRK announced a new nuclear test, as well as the launch of a ballistic missile, which will be held "in the near future," calling these steps actions to improve the reliability of a nuclear strike

On the plans for a new nuclear weapon test, Kim Jong Eun once again stated
The leader of the DPRK has once again stated plans to conduct a new test of nuclear weapons and launch a ballistic missile, Ryo Novosti reports with reference to the South Korean agency Ryonghap, citing Pyongyang media.

"To improve the reliability of a nuclear strike in the near future will be carried out nuclear warhead testing and launch of a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead", - quotes agency statement Kim Jong-un with reference to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula escalated after January 6 fourth test nuclear weapons in North Korea and February 7 launch satellite using a carrier rocket, which can be used for a nuclear strike at a distance of 12 thousand kilometers. The UN Security Council adopted tough sanctions against the DPRK, limiting its foreign economic ties, and South Korea, the United States and Japan additionally "punished" Pyongyang with its own sanctions.

The situation becomes more and more tense every day. In South Korea since the beginning of last week, held jointly with the US military exercises with the participation of a large contingent of US troops in recent years 40 destruction in the event of war, the DPRK leadership, as well as its nuclear and missile arsenals. Pyongyang has already reacted to the teachings with the threat of a preemptive nuclear strike and statements of intention to continue nuclear and missile tests.