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Ilyukhin invited Navalny to lead a village in Kamchatka - EastRussia | Far East






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Ilyukhin invited Navalny to lead a village in Kamchatka

Ilyukhin invited Navalny to lead a village in Kamchatka

The Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Ilyukhin suggested that Alexei Navalny become the head of a remote Koryak village and get “invaluable managerial experience”. The idea was voiced in response to criticism of the opposition, which he expressed to the authorities of the region, suspecting them of corruption.

As reported "Vedomosti", it all started with an abandoned boiler room in the Kamchatka village of Sredny Pahachi. Reporting on preparations for the winter, the Minister of Housing and Public Utilities of the region officially announced that it was up and running. A local resident posted a video on the network with a faulty heating system, which was watched by Alexei Navalny. The opposition politician wondered where the budget money allocated for the maintenance of the idle boiler room goes.

The head of the region said that the minister simply mixed up the two villages and now the second day eliminates the "gaps in knowledge about Kamchatka" while in Central Pakhachi. Vladimir Ilyukhin undertook to personally check the preparations for the winter in the village, noting that since the late nineties the boiler house in the village really does not work, but since then money has not been allocated for it. Residential buildings and infrastructure are heated by coal, firewood and electricity.

In response to criticism, the governor of Kamchatka invited Navalny to follow the example of a local minister and come to one of the separated northern villages, but as a head. In his opinion, Navalny should prove by deed that he is capable of leading at least a small administration.