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The release of killer whales and beluga whales from the "whale prison" in Primorye was estimated at 200-300 million rubles

Experts estimated the release of killer whales and beluga whales from the "whale prison" in the coastal bay of Srednyaya in 200-300 million rubles - two or three million rubles for each individual. One special container for transportation costs up to 400 thousand rubles, the sum also includes payment for the work of animal trainers, fodder and the creation of stretchers.

As Vyacheslav Bizikov, deputy director for scientific work of the All-Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO), reported at a meeting at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (VNIRO) RBC, a nonprofit organization can be created to finance the operation to release a marine mammal, which will accept contributions from anyone who wishes.

Now there are ten killer whales and 87 beluga whales in the Bay of Srednya, at least two individuals need treatment. Animals will not be released until the summer because of the ice situation in the North Seas.

A Russian ocean explorer will soon come to the aid of Russian specialists who are now assessing the state of killer whales and belugas in Primorye. Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team. They took part in the meeting of the Ministry of Natural Resources and stated that they would study the data of Russian scientists, conduct their own surveys, establish video surveillance of animals and only after that will they draw conclusions about the condition of mammals and their subsequent fate.

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