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Transfer of the Karaginsky island under hunting grounds turned out to be legal - EastRussia | Far East






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Transfer of the Karaginsky island under hunting grounds turned out to be legal

Transfer of the Karaginsky island under hunting grounds turned out to be legal

The prosecutor's office of the Kamchatka Territory checked the story of the transfer of the Karaginsky island under hunting grounds and did not find gross violations. The granting of land to a commercial company was recognized as legal.

By order of the head of the region, hunting of game animals is allowed on the island, it is forbidden to shoot at birds, except for partridges and crows. The agreement with the winning bid for the provision of a site by the Caribou Tour company provides for hunting resources geese, ducks and waders. This is the only violation found.

As for the price of providing the plot, then it was called correct in the regional prosecutor's office, not understated. According to the ministry, the rates of payment per unit of forest area are three kopecks per hectare.

“Taking into account the fact that the use of the territory of the Karaginsky Island is planned without placing the objects of the hunting infrastructure, the initial auction price and the annual fee for using hunting grounds are established in accordance with federal legislation,” the regional prosecutor's office reports.

At the same time, the department notes that the lease agreement for the land plot on the island of Karaginsky was not concluded, and the agreement does not provide the user with the right to manage the plot. According to the prosecutor's office, the rights of indigenous peoples will not be violated either - they will be able to freely and freely stay in the forest, pick berries and wild plants there. The deer that are grown by indigenous peoples will not be affected, since they do not belong to the hunting resources.

Earlier, the regional agency of forestry and wildlife protection held an auction and transferred the island to 49 for years to the only bidder - Caribou Tour company for 15 thousand rubles per year. The regional authorities explained this by the need to preserve hunting resources, since it is very costly for the budget to protect the remote, uninhabited island on their own. However, the actions of the regional authorities caused a public outcry. Representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North spoke against the transfer of the island, and the World Wildlife Fund demanded that the Kamchatka government establish security status on the island.