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Prospective conditions for business development are formed in the Far East - residents of the TOP - EastRussia | Far East






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Prospective conditions for business development are formed in the Far East - residents of the TOP

The interest of the business community is evoked by new instruments for the development of the Far East - the territory of advanced development, the Free Port of Vladivostok, infrastructure support for investment projects

Prospective conditions for business development are formed in the Far East - residents of the TOP
The Law on the territories of advanced development was adopted only a year ago, and in the Far-Eastern macroregion they are already 12, the press service of the Ministry of Regional Development said.

Received 130 official applications from investors for the implementation of investment projects in the TOP for a total investment of more than 452 billion rubles. The total amount of deductions to budgets of all levels within 10 years on the available applications will be about 96 billion rubles.

A set of measures to stimulate the Far Eastern economy brings tangible practical results. According to the Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East, Alexander Galushka, "Practice is the best criterion of truth. The volume of investments attracted to the macroregion exceeded 1 trillion rubles. And examples of successful implementation of projects speak better than any figures. "

One of the most striking projects was the construction of the greenhouse complex of the Japanese-Russian company JJ Evergreen, where the first crop of cucumbers and tomatoes had already been harvested. Production is located on the territory of advanced development "Khabarovsk", the site "Industrial Park" Avangard ". The first stage of the project was completed - a greenhouse complex with an area of ​​2,5 ha, with a capacity of about 1000 tons of tomatoes and cucumbers per year, was built. In the second and third stages, Japanese strawberries and sweet peppers will be added to the JJ Evergreen range, and the area of ​​the greenhouse complex will grow to 10,6 ha. The total investment in all three stages of construction will be about 2 billion rubles, about 150 jobs will be created. According to Tomoyuki Igarashi, General Director of JGC Evergreen (JGC Evergreen), “preferences for TOR residents provide good opportunities for business promotion”.

By the end of the year, it is planned to create new territories of priority development in the Far Eastern regions of 3. At a meeting in Khabarovsk under the leadership of the head of the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development of Russia, Alexander Galushka, the possibility of creating a fishing ground for advanced development, the THOR “Nikolaevsky”, was considered. According to the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Vyacheslav Shport, “a new fish cluster can be created on the basis of TOR.” The implementation of this initiative, in the opinion of the head of the region, will be a significant contribution to the development of the region and the entire Far East.

TOR residents are convinced that today attractive conditions for business development are forming in the Far East

"Undoubtedly, the construction of the plant will have a positive impact on the economy of the Amur Region and the city of Belogorsk. The preferences that we receive in the status of a resident of the TOP allow us to quickly implement the project and quickly reach a payback, "said Vasily Galitsin, director of the Amursky oil extraction plant (TOR" Belogorsk ").

As Maxim Kim, Director General of Sakha Clay Career LLC (TOR Kangalassy), notes, “Now is the time to develop and open new productions. Reducing taxes for any business is an impetus to development, especially in the current economic situation. ”

"In the current economic conditions, Russian producers have gained additional opportunities to enter foreign markets. We can export modern and high-quality products at competitive prices. The launch of new production facilities in the Far East will create new jobs, open new prospects for small and medium-sized businesses and will help increase the Russian Federation's exports to the Asia-Pacific countries, "said Sergei Kolesnikov, president of Technonikol (TOR Khabarovsk).

According to the general director of JSC "DTSS" (TOR "Big Stone") Vladimir Tsybin, "the shipbuilding complex" Zvezda "will become an anchor participant of the project, around which enterprises will be located aimed at the production of equipment associated with shipbuilding. The preferences received by the residents of the Territory of advanced development will help in the shortest possible time to form a technological chain for the construction of ships that are maximally localized on the territory of Russia. "

“The status of the resident of TOR allows to significantly reduce the tax burden - by 20% and return the invested funds faster. It is economically beneficial for any production and gives confidence in the future, ”said Maria Deryabina, General Director of Belkhleb LLC (TOR Belogorsk).

“The emergence of TORs made it possible to look at your business from a different angle and make a decision to start production in Russian territory. This is a big step for us, and those preferences that we will receive will be a good help in the implementation of the project, reducing the tax expenditures on 26%, ”says Natalya Kolesova, General Director of STK LLC (Khabarovsk TOR)

"Territories of advanced development open new opportunities for small businesses. You can not be afraid and take chances. Thanks to tax preferences, I cut my costs and go out to pay a year earlier. I would like my example to inspire others, because it is small business that is the main engine of the economy, especially in times of crisis, "says Alexei Kirilenko (Kirilenko FE, Kamchatka).

According to Alexander Shiroky, general director of the Far Eastern Agricultural Company (Mikhailovsky TOR), "getting the status of a resident and becoming one of those companies that will help the country develop the Far East was our goal. In addition, we receive tax benefits and administrative support from the Corporation, which helps to quickly resolve current issues. "

"The implementation of the law on TOR, which began last year, is an example of an integrated approach to the development of the Far Eastern territories.

Indicative is the fact that among investors who are ready to work in the Far East there are foreign companies and representatives of Russian business - the deputy chairman of the Sakhalin Oblast Duma Alexander Kislitsin is convinced. -

The willingness of foreign investors to invest is a good signal. The investment of millions of dollars in the creation of industries is a readiness for long-term cooperation, recognition of the stability of the Russian economy and confidence in the effectiveness of investments in the Far Eastern regions.

The system of benefits and preferences, state support for residents of priority development areas will undoubtedly give impetus to the development of domestic business. Already today it can be seen that on the proposed sites both large holdings and representatives of small and medium businesses are ready to expand their activities. Such diversity testifies to the correctness of the approach to the formation of such territories, and investors' statements about the social responsibility of business allow us to hope that in addition to creating production capacities, the social sphere will also develop, and this will increase the quality of life and attractiveness of the entire Far East, Russia's eastern outpost.
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