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The first solar power plant may appear in Buryatia in 2017 year - EastRussia | Far East






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The first solar power plant may appear in Buryatia in 2017 year.

Already signed an agreement on the lease of land for construction in the Bichur district, where the first SES (2017 megawatt) will appear in 10. And in 2018, another solar power plant, at 15 megawatt, in the Selenga district

The first solar power plant may appear in Buryatia in 2017 year.
Proposals for the construction of SES were presented the day before to the Head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn LLC Avelar Solar Technology. The head of the republic instructed the Ministry of Transport, Energy and Roads to work out the issue, noting that Buryatia should strive to reduce the extended networks, while improving the reliability of electricity supply to settlements.

And alternative, solar energy can serve this, the press service of the republican government reports.

The Government of the Republic of Belarus signed an agreement on the implementation of the construction of two solar power plants with the Avelar group of companies in 2014.

As Oleg Shutkin, General Director of Avelar Solar Technology LLC, said during the presentation of the project “Sunny Buryatia”, his company is ready to fully invest in the project, as well as to act as a general contractor. The company will invest 2,6 billion rubles in the design, construction and maintenance of power plants.

Before the end of this year, investors must conclude land lease agreements with municipalities, conclude contracts for technological connection to the networks, carry out design work and receive a positive conclusion of state expertise on the project. Sergey Kozlov also announced that 14.04.2016 will sign an agreement on the lease of land for construction in the Bichursky region.

In the spring of 2017, the construction of the Bichur power plant will begin. According to Oleg Shutkin, it will take no more than 3 months: by June 30, connection to networks will be performed, and from December 1, the delivery of capacity to the market has begun.

The company plans to launch the second power plant, near Gusinoozersk, in the autumn of 2018.

Investors are also working on a project to create a hybrid electrical installation in the Bauntovsky district, in the village of Kurort Baunt.
“It will provide round-the-clock power supply due to a combination of diesel generation, a solar power station and rechargeable batteries, achieving 50 percent of diesel fuel savings per year.” Explained Oleg Shutkin.

In the long term, the company has the implementation on the territory of Buryatia more 4-x projects. The total investment in all solar power plants will be almost 11 billion rubles. Total power - 105 megawatts.

According to Sergey Kozlov, the budget will receive additional funds - half of the taxes will remain in the municipalities. The amount of taxes to the budget of the district and the republic for the year from each station will be at least 8 million rubles. The company will register at the location of the power plants, opening branches in the municipalities of Buryatia.

“The 261 RF law requires that alternative energy sources be introduced from each region in order to unload the tariff. After all, the cost of electricity transmission through the networks is also included in it, losses and network maintenance are taken into account. However, this does not mean that the price of electricity will immediately fall. Reducing the cost of electricity through the development of alternative energy is a promising direction, ”explained Sergey Kozlov.

Electricity produced by stations in Buryatia will be supplied to the wholesale electricity market. The cost of electricity will gradually fall due to the reduction in the cost of its production by alternative sources of energy. According to Oleg Shutkin, solar generation in the last 10 years has fallen in price by 10 times.

However, the benefits for Buryatia is obvious now. The construction of solar power stations will allow the uninterrupted supply of electricity to the most remote corners of the republic, to light the light where it was not.

As the Head of Buryatia noted, in the republic with a low energy consumption a large number of networks. During the years of Soviet power in Buryatia, qualitative electrification was carried out, almost everywhere there are power lines. And since the population density is very low: for 351 thousand square kilometers 650 points, the cost of electricity is one of the highest in the Siberian Federal District.