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Russian support and US influence - foreign media about the meeting between Putin and Kim Jong-un

Russian support and US influence - foreign media about the meeting between Putin and Kim Jong-un
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Foreign media have not remained aloof from the talks held in Vladivostok by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Practically all of them agreed that the United States would play its role in this meeting and in the topics discussed.

Bloomberg wrote that Kim Jong-un used negotiations with the Russian president to accuse the United States of bad faith in nuclear negotiations. According to the publication, referring to the Central News Agency of Korea, during a meeting in Vladivostok, the North Korean leader told Putin that the dispute with the United States could return to its original state. According to the publication, the trip was viewed as an attempt to demonstrate to the United States and its allies that North Korea has diplomatic support. Putin talks give a chance to remain a player in the dispute about security.

The same statements were published in with the BBC. They said that peace on the Korean Peninsula will depend entirely on Washington, and negotiations with Putin have become an opportunity to show that the DPRK has powerful allies. The publication also recalled how Putin in 2014 had written off most of North Korea’s debts of Soviet times as a gesture of goodwill.

National Japanese newspaper The asahi shimbun wrote that Kim Jong-un's remarks were perceived as pressure on the United States to become more flexible in easing sanctions. According to the newspaper, the Washington Analytical Center considers the negotiations in Vladivostok an attempt to achieve an exemption from international sanctions. Later, the publication reported that Putin would tell Donald Trump about a meeting with Kim Jong-un and explain to him the nuances of North Korea’s position on the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

“This role of the interlocutor may be significant in the light of Trump’s obvious admiration for the Russian leader,” notes The Asahi Shimbun.

Agency JoongAng Ilbo wrote about Kim Jong-un's warm welcome in Russia, and also about his resemblance to Kim Il Sung when the DPRK leader put on a coat and hat. The publication noted the words of the North Korean leader that the two Koreas are on the path to peace and security. At the same time, another publication clarifies that peace on the peninsula will depend entirely on the American position.

China News Agency Xinhua stated that, according to analysts, the meeting of the leaders of Russia and the DPRK will help solve the nuclear problem of the DPRK. The publication played the main role of Vladimir Putin, as a fighter for the peaceful settlement of this issue on the Korean Peninsula.