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Gazprom - EastRussia is interested in buying 4 hydrocarbon sites in Sumy in Yakutia | Far East






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The purchase of 4 hydrocarbon sites Sumy in Yakutia is interested in Gazprom

The interest in four hydrocarbon fields in Yakutia, which belong to OAO Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company (YATEK, is part of the Sum Group), officially announced PJSC Gazprom,

Buying 4 hydrocarbon plots
As follows from the material of the state procurement site, Gazprom intends to hold in May a tender for the development of technical and economic proposals for the development of the Srednevilyuysky, Mastakhsky, Tolonsky and Tymtaydsky subsoil areas in Yakutia.

Gazprom emphasizes that the four subsoil areas are of “priority interest for replenishing the raw material base of PJSC Gazprom.

YATEK and Gazprom have not previously reported any negotiations on these sites. With the fact that Srednevilyuyskoye is the main operating raw material base of YATEK.

The purchase will be carried out in the form of a request for proposals among small and medium-sized businesses, the maximum contract price approved in the amount of 8 million rubles. The work is expected to be completed in December 2016.

Among the requirements to the contractor is the experience of doing such work for Gazprom, the presence of at least four doctors of technical sciences and one doctor of economic sciences in staffing, and at least seven candidates of science.

YATEK is controlled by the Summa group. However, this week Rosneft reported on participation in this company. Rosneft put XTUMX's YATEK shares in it for sale. The authorized capital of YATEK consists of 11 million 826 thousand 919 shares. Thus, Rosneft owns 375% of the share capital of YATEK.

A source familiar with the negotiations between the companies told Interfax that YATEK was “not against” the sale of its gas assets, but the parties could not agree on a price. “The parties cannot agree on the price, and these negotiations can last at least another year. Not a quick deal, ”he concluded.

Gazprom has not yet been able to comment, Interfax notes.

“The company did not enter into any official negotiations with Gazprom on these issues,” said a Summa representative, declining to comment further.

In 2014, the YATEK Board of Directors considered the issue of the advisability of selling the Mirny field.

Earlier, a source in the Ministry of Energy reported that "YATEK" spoke about the production potential in Yakutia about 5 billion cubic meters. m of gas and possible supplies of this gas to the pipeline "Power of Siberia", which Gazprom is building as part of a signed contract with the Chinese CNPC for the delivery of 38 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Another gas market in Yakutia and the surrounding area has not yet been formed.

Earlier, Rosneft spoke about the potential supply to Power of Siberia to 15 billion cubic meters. m of natural gas and associated gas per year. According to the Interfax source, it is ready to supply gas to Power of Siberia and the Irkutsk Oil Company (INC).

The question of the access of independent gas producers to the Power of Siberia gas pipeline has not yet been resolved, Head of the Ministry of Energy Alexander Novak told reporters on Friday. “Firstly, there is no decision on independent supplies. These are only proposals that are considered, ”said the Minister. Meanwhile, according to his owls, according to preliminary requests, independent producers want to supply billion meters of gas to this pipeline from 15 to 30.

Gazprom, commenting on the proposals for independent producers to export gas through Power of Siberia, insists that the gas supply contract has been signed between Gazprom and CNPC. This provision is also enshrined in the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and China.

Srednevilyuysky gas condensate field is located on the territory of the Vilyuisk district, the largest hydrocarbon reserves are large. Residual reserves at the beginning of 2015 of the year are: gas category BC1 - 145,2 billion cubic meters. m, С2 - 33,8 billion cubic meters. m; condensate (recoverable) BC1 - 6,2 mln. tons, С2 - 1,4 mln. tons. The degree of depletion of gas reserves - 17,4%.

Tolonsky plot is located between Srednevilyuysky and Mastakhsky. Residual gas reserves are as follows: by category BС1 - 87,02 billion cubic meters. m, by category С2 - 73,2 billion cubic meters. m; condensate (recoverable) by category BС1 - 4,14 mln. tons, С2 - 3,55 mln. tons.

Tõmtaidah site is also located in the Vilyui district, gas resources in the category D1 are estimated at 10,4 billion cubic meters. M, Д1л - 1,9 billion cubic meters. M, D2 - 8,1 billion cubic meters. m.

In addition to these four sites, YATEK has one more - Mirninsky, in Myrninsky and Suntarsky districts of Yakutia. Within its boundaries are the Muchchobin, Mirny, Nelbinskoye and Severo-Nelbinskoye hydrocarbon fields. Extraction on it is not conducted.