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Watching the launch of a launch vehicle from Vostochny will be possible for approximately 6 500 rubles - EastRussia | Far East






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You can watch the launch of a carrier rocket from Vostochny approximately for 6 500 rubles.

In December, the fourth launch of the launch vehicle is scheduled from the Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur Region. Tourist companies in the region are already accepting applications from those who want to see this. According to preliminary calculations, a children's ticket to start will cost from 4 500 rubles, an adult - from 6 500.

Now individual travelers are interested in the offer, as well as children's and adult groups. They will be able to observe the launch from a special viewing platform located four kilometers from the launch pad. According to the press service of the Amur Region Government, on the day of launch, tourists will not be able to visit the facilities of the cosmodrome, see the technological and launch complexes. In exchange, travel agencies will offer them an excursion to the new Russian city of Tsiolkovsky, a visit to the museum, and take into account individual wishes.

On the exact prices in the region do not yet speak. Everything will depend on several factors: the number of tourists, the transport on which they will get, the cost of the “pass ticket” to the cosmodrome, indicated by TsENKI. Representatives of travel agencies in Priamurye note that the exact price of a trip to the cosmodrome on the launch day will be calculated when you personally contact the company. Usually, the price of a “space tour” includes registration of permits for entry into Tsiolkovsky, costs of moving in the city, visiting the cosmodrome itself, an excursion program with a guide, a ticket to the museum, meals, permission for video and photography.

As EastRussia wrote, while there are few tourists at the cosmodrome, the price scares them away. The closer the trip to the next launch, the more expensive the visit. For a foreign tourist who arrived in the Amur region for a few days, a trip to the cosmodrome can be a problem: since the Vostochny is a secure facility, the passage to it must be coordinated with special services, the procedure for foreigners takes more than a month. If the desire to get to the East is very big - you should take care of permission in advance.