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Primorye scientists oppose the release of killer whales and belugas - EastRussia | Far East






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Maritime scientists oppose the release of killer whales and belugas

Scientists of the Pacific Branch of FGBNU "VNIRO" (TINRO) opposed the release of killer whales and beluga whales from Srednaya Bay in Primorye. According to scientists, this can lead to the death of mammals.

According to the head of the laboratory of marine mammals of the Pacific branch of VNIRO Pavel Guscherov, it is more expedient to produce animals in the area of ​​their natural habitat during the period of abundance of food resources. According to the press service of the regional administration, without work on rehabilitation and preparation for an independent search for food, the chances of survival in animals are small.

According to the scientist, there is not enough experience in Russia and the accumulated scientific base for the successful rehabilitation of animals. The process of transportation to the natural habitat is complex and requires qualified specialists. However, recently a researcher and defender of the World Ocean offered his assistance in this Jean-Michel Cousteau and his colleagues from the Ocean Futures Society, the Ocean Alliance and the Earth Island Institute, who have experience in the release and adaptation of cetaceans.

Contrary to the statements of environmentalists, scientists of the Pacific Branch of FGBNU VNIRO (TINRO) stated that the animals are kept in good conditions: the water is clean, there is space for free movement, no signs of depletion are noted. Despite this, the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, Dmitry Kobylkin, said that the operation to free orcas and beluga whales from Srednyaya Bay in Primorye will start soon.