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Check Roscosmos after the incident with the transfer of the first launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome began the control department of the President - Izvestia - EastRussia | Far East






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Check Roskosmos after the incident with the transfer of the first launch from the cosmodrome "Vostochny" began Control of the President - "Izvestia"

The control department of the president began a large-scale inspection of the state corporation Roskosmos after the first launch at the Vostochny Space Center, Izvestia newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Roskosmos check after the incident with the transfer of the first launch from the cosmodrome
The information was confirmed by the publication of the official representative of Roscosmos Igor Burenkov.

“The inspectors raised the results of previous inspections of the industry, including the materials of the Accounts Chamber, and now they check on the new one more thoroughly,” said a source in the leadership of the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC Energia) to the newspaper.

"Last weeks, our people sit all weekend, looking for and asking the contractors for the necessary information. They asked for data on the number of employees, qualifications, the state of production capacity - for the whole range of information in general, "he added.

The Izvestia interlocutor in Roscosmos, who is familiar with the situation, argues that the current measures are caused not only by delaying the start by 24 hours - in general, this is a regular situation, which did not lead to the loss of equipment and did not cast doubt on the mission as a whole.

Transfer of start-up to the backup date is a routine for all spaceports of the world. According to the interlocutor of the publication in the state corporation, now the “debriefing” is taking place in aggregate - too many negative facts have accumulated in the rocket and space industry lately.

The newspaper reminds that during the past year almost all satellites built by Russian companies for foreign customers went down in orbit: EgyptSat 2 made by RSC Energia, in November AMOS 5 made by ISS Reshetnev for an Israeli company, failed in orbit. The radar satellite Condor-E, manufactured for South Africa, also failed in orbit.

Three more accidents in the 2015 year occurred during the process of putting the spacecraft into orbit: the launch of the Progress spacecraft with cargo for the ISS failed in April, the Proton unsuccessfully launched with the Mexican telecommunications device in May, and the satellite “ Canopus ST.

The first launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome was planned back in December 2015. However, in mid-October 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to postpone the launch for 2016 year.

State Commission 4 April 2016 of the year decided to appoint the first launch from the cosmodrome on April 27. However, the launch on this day did not take place: automatic equipment worked one and a half minutes before the start. The Soyuz-2.1 launch vehicle with the Aist-2D and Mikhailo Lomonosov spacecraft, as well as the SamSat-218 nanosatellite, launched the next day, on April 28. At launch, attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He took part in a meeting of the State Commission, which sorted out the causes of the failure.

As reported after the launch of I. Komarov, the launch of the "Union-2.1" was postponed, possibly due to a lack of operation of one of the cables in the control system. "There was an automatic cancellation of the automation of the ground control system. She interrupted the flight program for a short time. The problem is that one of the parameters did not confirm the normal operation of the systems. We made sure that the systems are working properly. Apparently, the lack of work of one of the cables, the cables were replaced, "he said.

He specified that in preparation for the first launch from the East, more than 20 observations were revealed. In addition to the cable, the switching unit was also replaced.

Meanwhile, the Izvestia newspaper wrote that the problem with the cable, which was not manufactured using the design documentation, caused the launch of the missile.

"This situation in the NPO Automation Institute named after Academician Semihatov (NPA) was modeled, they saw first hand and the results were confirmed. The cable, which was used in the missile, was not manufactured using the design documentation and was without several necessary jumpers, "the source in the management of Roskosmos state corporation said.
In his opinion, "for the main responsibility, the leadership of the Yekaterinburg NGOA will certainly suffer, but with him also those who were responsible for the completeness of the testing methodology of the ground control system at the cosmodrome."
In turn, the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the Russian president had reprimanded the vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin and the head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov, and also issued a resolution on incomplete official compliance with the general director of the NPO Automation Leonid Shalimov.

L.Shalimov was suspended from the performance of his duties during the work of the commission to investigate the reasons for the failure of the first launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome by the decision of D.Rogozin, Interfax notes.

Later it became known that L. Shalimov resigned.