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Putin approved the design of a bridge across the Lena River - EastRussia | Far East






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Putin approved the design of a bridge across the Lena River

Putin approved the design of a bridge across the Lena River

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the design of an automobile bridge over the Lena River in the Yakutsk region. The head of state believes that the idea was "ripe for implementation" and imposed a resolution on the letter of the head of the republic, Aisen Nikolaev, who asks to put money in the budget for construction.

As the Kommersant, a bridge with a length of three km and approaches to it at 11 km is estimated at 82,9 billion rubles. Of these, 47,8 billion rubles are federal budget money, 6,4 billion rubles are regional and 28,6 billion rubles are private investor finances.

The project includes the construction of approaches to the bridge with a length of 11 km and the passage itself. It is assumed that cars will ride on it for free, and everyone else will have to pay one to four thousand rubles. If money, the construction of the bridge will end in 2025 year. Its appearance will reduce the annual costs of northern delivery in the amount of 4,1 billion rubles and increase the GRP of Yakutia by 2,5-3%.

At the beginning of the year, Aisen Nikolayev stated that the construction of a bridge is economically feasible will pay off in the medium term and will allow each Yakut family to save about five thousand rubles a month. The transition will allow connecting the western and eastern parts of Russia from the Sea of ​​Okhotsk to the Irkutsk region. During a direct line of Russia, Vladimir Putin said that the payback of the bridge across the Lena so far not visible. Nevertheless, the president noted that sooner or later the issue of the construction of the bridge will be resolved, since it is needed for the development of the city.