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Putin recognized gas projects in the Amur region as a huge step in the industry and the entire Far Eastern Federal District - EastRussia | Far East






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Putin recognized the gas projects in the Amur region as a huge step in the industry and the entire Far Eastern Federal District

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the importance of implementing large gas projects in the Amur region during the ceremony of launching the construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant (Gazprom project) on Thursday. Thanks to them, conditions for gasification of the region and new jobs will be created.

The head of state noted that at the peak of construction work, about 25 thousand people will work at the facilities, and after putting into operation - 2,5-3 thousand employees. "The project will provide an opportunity not only to develop the gas industry, but will also create conditions for the construction of another largest plant - in the country and in the world - the gas chemical plant (the SIBUR complex - EastRussia), where tens of thousands of people will also work in construction, And then a large number of people in the operation of the enterprise, "he said. The President stressed that "such projects have never been implemented - neither in the Soviet Union, nor in Russia on this scale." "A comparable plant of this kind was built in the Soviet Union in Orenburg, it was a volume of 38 billion cubic meters of gas processing, and here there will be 42 billion cubic meters," he said, and called the project a huge step in the development of not only the industry, but the entire Far East.

The investor and customer of the project is Gazprom Recycling Blagoveshchensk (the structure of Gazprom). Construction management is carried out by NIPIGAS (part of the SIBUR Group). The Amur Gas Processing Plant is being built to separate valuable fractions from gas supplied via the Siberia-to-China pipeline. The design was led by China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (CRESS, the "daughter" of CNPC). The capacity of the Amur GPP is planned at 42 billion cubic meters. M gas per year, which makes the project one of the largest in the world. The plant will also produce up to 60 million cubic meters. M helium per year, in such volumes helium is not produced anywhere in the world. With the output of the Amur Gas Processing Plant at its designed capacity, the volume of natural gas processing in the Russian Federation will grow by more than 50%.