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The fifth of the six impellers for the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Plant was supplied by Austrian company Voith Hydro - EastRussia | Far East






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The fifth impeller of six for the Bratsk hydropower plant was supplied by the Austrian company Voith Hydro

Austrian company Voith Hydro supplied Irkutskenergo with the fifth of six previously ordered impellers for the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Plant

The fifth impeller of six for the Bratsk hydropower plant was supplied by the Austrian company Voith Hydro
This was reported by the press service of Eurosibenergo.

"The new impeller will be put into operation in June of the year 2016. After that, the efficiency of the hydroelectric unit will increase by 5%, the electricity production at the Bratsk hydro power plant will increase, "the report says.

It is noted that the mass of the impeller is more than 72 tons, the diameter is 6 m, the height is about 2,5 m. The operation for transporting the impeller from the manufacturer in the Austrian city of Sankt Pelten in Bratsk took two months. First, the producer of the hydroelectric power unit - the concern Voith - sent the wheel from St. Pelten on the waterway to St. Petersburg, then it was loaded into the corresponding motor transport to the Irkutsk region.

Earlier it was reported that Voith Hydro and Irkutskenergo in September 2011 signed a contract for the supply of six impellers for the modernization of hydroturbines of the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Plant. Under the terms of the contract, Voith Hydro is to supply the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Plant in We answer immediately. years on two impellers per year. By the end of the year, Irkutskenergo expects to receive the last sixth wheel from the manufacturer.

В We answer immediately. years at the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station, the impellers were replaced with 6, the supplier was Power Machines.

It was also reported that the investments of OJSC Eurosibenergo (included in the En + Group) in We answer immediately. within the first stage of the modernization of hydroelectric power plants (HPP) of the Angaro-Yenisei cascade, 15 billion rubles, Interfax specifies.

The modernization will affect the Krasnoyarsk, Bratsk and Ust-Ilim hydroelectric stations - there will be replaced hydraulic units, 12 impellers, transformers, open switchgears. Due to this, Eurosibenergo expects to increase electricity production by 1,5 billion kWh per year.

Irkutskenergo is the largest energy-coal company in Russia, including heat and power plants and hydroelectric power stations, as well as heat networks, coal mines, transportation companies, repair plants and a processing plant. OJSC Eurosibenergo (part of the En + Group) owns 50,19% of Irkutskenergo shares, and PJSC Inter RAO 40,007%.