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Inter RAO claim to Irkutskenergo CEO and Board of Directors postponed to April - arbitration - EastRussia | Far East






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Consideration of the suit of Inter RAO against the general director and the board of directors of Irkutskenergo was postponed to April - arbitration

Until 5 April, the Arbitration Court of the Irkutsk Region has adjourned the suit on the suit of PJSC Inter RAO, which demands to collect 199,7 million rubles in solidarity with the general director of Irkutskenergo, four current and two former members of the company's board of directors

This is the press service of the arbitration.

"The meeting was postponed due to the fact that representatives of three defendants did not come to court: Oksana Mishchenko, Andrei Yashchenko, Dmitry Ponomarev. Everyone was informed of the date and time of the meeting, "said the representative of the court.
Earlier it was reported that the defendants in the suit were the general director of Irkutskenergo Oleg Prichko, the head of the board of directors of the company Andrei Likhachev, three members of the board of directors - the chief lawyer of "En + Management" Timur Valiev, the development director of Evrosibenergo Evgeny Tikhonov, the financial director of En + Management "A. Yashchenko, as well as former members of the Board of Directors of Irkutskenergo, which were part of it in the year 2014: Director for Human Resources Management of JSC" Eurosibenergo "O. Mishchenko and Director for work with state bodies and public organizations anizatsiyami "En + Management" D.Ponomarev, said Interfax.

As the representative of the court informed earlier, the claim is connected with the decision of the board of directors of Irkutskenergo adopted in 2014.

"We are talking about shares (JSC Krasnoyarsk HPP, owned by IF) of JSC Eurosibenergo. They were purchased by Irkutskenergo with Eurosibenergo's obligation to buy back. However, at 2014, the Irkutskenergo board of directors dissolved this agreement, which caused losses to the company, according to the Irkutskenergo shareholders, the court spokesman said.

In Irkutskenergo itself, it is believed that the members of the board of directors acted in the interests of the company, since as a result of this transaction, Irkutskenergo received a substantial profit.

As Interfax was previously clarified in Irkutskenergo, the claims of Inter RAO are related to the repo transaction between Evrosibenergo and Irkutskenergo, approved by the Irkutskenergo Board of Directors in May of the year 2012. Then "Eurosibenergo" sold to "Irkutskenergo" 3,14% of the shares of the subsidiary of Krasnoyarsk HPP for 1,39 billion rubles (113 rubles per share), and three years later, it committed to buy the stake for 1,64 billion rubles (133 rubles per share), with a premium of 250 million rubles. With the increase in the capitalization of the Krasnoyarsk HPP, Irkutskenergo was to receive additional benefits from the difference between the market value of shares and the price of redemption. But for three years the share price, on the contrary, has decreased.
According to a company representative, in October 2014, the board of directors of Irkutskenergo decided to terminate the repo agreement, the agreement on termination was signed by the company's general director. The shares remained with Irkutskenergo, while Eurosibenergo paid the company 250 million rubles of premium and a fine of 148 million rubles. Inter RAO is now trying to challenge the decision of the board of directors to terminate the repo agreement.

Irkutskenergo is the largest energy-coal company in Russia, including heat and power plants and hydroelectric power stations, as well as heat networks, coal mines, transportation companies, repair plants and a processing plant. OJSC Eurosibenergo (part of the En + Group) owns 50,19% of Irkutskenergo shares, and PJSC Inter RAO 40,007%.