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Regions of the Far-Eastern Federal District turned out to be outsiders in budget orientation - EastRussia | Far East






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The regions of the Far Eastern Federal District were an outsider in terms of budgeting

The regions of the Far Eastern Federal District were an outsider in terms of budgeting

The Sakhalin region became the only region of the Far East that became the leader of the subjects with the largest amount of social expenditures per person. A few more regions of the Far East Federal District turned out to be outsiders in the rating — Kamchatka, the Magadan Region, Chukotka, and Yakutia.

In all regions of Russia in 2018, compared to 2017, the total revenues of consolidated budgets increased by 15,2%. This made it possible to increase expenditures, totally in 9,9%. At the same time, the gap in social expenditures between leading regions and outsiders differs more than 4,5 times.

According to the rating RIA News"In the Sakhalin Oblast, among social expenditures, the largest amount is accounted for by social policy and education - 18%. The share of total social expenditures is 48,8%, the increase in expenses for the year was 17,6%.

The Amur Region turned out to be the leader in growth rates of social spending - the growth was more than 25%. There, 111% increased spending on physical culture and sports and 51% - on health care.

The smallest amount of adjusted social spending per capita is allocated in Chukotka and in Kamchatka - less than 30 thousand rubles per person. Experts attribute the low indicator to a very high value of the budget expenditure index. The same factor partly influenced the low positions of the Magadan Region and Yakutia. Expenses for education prevail in these regions - in the Magadan region 21% of total expenses, in Yakutia - 31%, in the Kamchatka Krai - 23%, in Chukotka - 16%.