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Rosgvardeytsa in Buryatia will be punished for a call not to detain protesters - EastRussia | Far East






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Rosgvardeytsa in Buryatia will be punished for the call not to detain protesters

Rosgvardeytsa in Buryatia will be punished for the call not to detain protesters

Viktor Khorzhirov, an employee of the Buryat Rosguard, recorded a video message to his colleagues urging them not to detain rally participants in Ulan-Ude. He asked "not to carry out deliberately false and criminal orders," as well as not to exceed authority. For this, the Rosgvardey will be punished.

According to RBC, after the publication of the video against Khorzhirov, an official check began. They intend to bring him to disciplinary responsibility, since he recorded the video during his office hours. Viktor Khorzhirov is also a representative of the Communist Party. He ran for the Ulan-Ude City Council of deputies of the sixth convocation in the recent elections, but lost.

After the mayoral election in Ulan-Ude, the residents of the city began to rally. They demand discard results mayoral election. Alexey Tsydenov called on residents in video messages recognize the election results and not succumb to manipulations, provocations and stuffing of false information. And the first deputy chairman of the government of Buryatia, Igor Zuraev, said that the organizers of the protests provoke people and hype on elective topic.

The head of the republic said that he was ready for dialogue in any format, but with mutual respect and within the framework of the law. At the agreed meeting, people did not go to dialogue with Alexei Tsydenov and demanded his resignation.