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Sakhalin risks drowning in garbage - EastRussia | Far East






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Sakhalin risks drowning in trash

Sakhalin risks drowning in trash
Sakhalin may turn into a garbage dump - a regional operator does not pay contractors because of multimillion-dollar debts. In the near future, many of them will be forced to stop working.

The difficult situation has already developed in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Dolinsk and Korsakov. According to IA Regnum, contractors will soon not be able to continue working due to difficult financial situations. So the accounts of the Korsakov company, which, in addition to transporting garbage, is the operator of the local landfill, can freeze at any time. In this case, the company will cease operations, left without resources.

The Regional Ministry of Housing and Utilities explains the situation with poor collection of payments - about 66%, as well as the shortcomings of the contractors themselves. One of the reasons, according to the authorities, is the increase in the volume of garbage collected. It was caused by the legalization of waste, which was previously disposed of by black schemes. The contractors themselves believe that the state has not paid due attention to the preparation for garbage reform. According to them, the old mechanisms and agreements are broken, and to cope with the emerging problems will not work as quickly as the initiators of the reform suggested.

Today it became known that from June 1 in the Sakhalin region will introduce benefits for garbage collection. The service will be cheaper in two to four times for about 80 thousand people. Beneficiaries will recalculate from 1 January this year.