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Sakhalin Oblast in 2019 to send billion rubles to purchase 1,2 medical equipment - EastRussia | Far East






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Sakhalin region in 2019 will send billion rubles to the purchase of 1,2 medical equipment

In 2019, it is planned to allocate 1,2 billion rubles from the regional budget for the purchase of new medical equipment for Sakhalin and Kuriles medical institutions. For two years, about two billion rubles have been allocated for the purchase of medical equipment in the Sakhalin Region.

Among the major purchases are seven computer tomographs, nine modern X-ray machines, an angiograph, MRI, ultrasound scanners, endoscopic complexes, laboratory equipment for leading regional institutions and central regional hospitals.

Over the past two years, more than 60 companies from 16 regions of Russia have become suppliers of medical equipment. The centralization of procurement for regional medical institutions is carried out in the regional Ministry of Health. For example, if several hospitals need to upgrade X-ray complexes, then a single lot for one model that meets all stated requirements is formed. This allows you to buy equipment at better prices, and also takes into account the possibility of service. Another important plus is the reduction in shipping costs.

According to the press service of the regional government, only in the Dolinsk CRH for two years installed three units of diagnostic equipment. At first it was a computer tomograph, and recently a new X-ray machine was installed at a medical institution, and in the outpatient clinic, examinations of patients are performed on a digital fluorograph. According to the doctors, now everything is done promptly; a snapshot of the patient is printed out or recorded on the disc.

In Kholmsk a few weeks ago, they installed a tomograph and X-ray machine. A new technique for diagnostics has appeared in Nogliki. In the near future, a photofluorograph will be put into operation at the Sinegorsk regional hospital. Equipment recently acquired for the perinatal center. These are incubators for the care of premature babies, without which it is impossible to care for premature babies.

As the Minister of Health of the Sakhalin region, Alexei Pak, said, in recent years mobile medical complexes with digital mammographs and fluorographs have been acquired for the region. They need to work in small towns. Every year they allow to examine tens of thousands of people.