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Chamber of Accounts Caught Russian Railways in Failing with Terms of BAM and Transsib Modernization - EastRussia | Far East






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Accounts Chamber caught Russian Railways in disrupting the timeframe for the modernization of BAM and Transsib

Accounts Chamber caught Russian Railways in disrupting the timeframe for the modernization of BAM and Transsib

The Accounts Chamber of Russia monitored the implementation of Russian Railways investment projects, including those funded from the federal budget. It turned out that most of the objects did not pass on time and did not reach the planned indicators. This also applies to the modernization of BAM and Transsib.

Last year, Russian Railways were supposed to build 11 tracks and 78 km of additional tracks, and eventually only one object was taken - the reconstructed roadbed on the Moldavian-Miroshnichenko section on the Hani-Tynda section. According to the press service of the Accounts Chamber, as a result, at the 17 sections of the BAM and Transsib, the capacity was not increased as planned.

Violations found in other objects. On the Mezhdurechensk - Taishet section, the deadlines for entering 13 of the 22-s objects were extended from 2016 to 2020, and the technical readiness of eight objects is less than 50%; First Deputy General Director of Russian Railways Vadim Mikhailov acknowledged the existence of problems. According to him, the company monitors all these issues, has prepared plans for the implementation of projects and forwarded them to the government commission on transport.

The first stage of the program of modernization of the railway infrastructure of BAM and Transsib is implemented from 2013. It should end this year. The cost of its implementation is estimated at 562,4 billion rubles. At the end of 2018, the Russian government decided allocate Russian Railways 20 billion rubles to upgrade the infrastructure of BAM and Transsib. All in all, the authorized capital of Russian Railways has increased by 54,88 billion rubles for the implementation of large infrastructure projects.