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Northern delivery in the Irkutsk region takes place in the most difficult hydrological conditions - EastRussia | Far East






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Northern deliveries in the Irkutsk region take place in the most complicated hydrological conditions

In the most complicated hydrological conditions, the Northern delivery in the Irkutsk region passes, while the volume of fuel shipment within the framework of the northern delivery increased almost twofold compared to the same period last year

Northern deliveries in the Irkutsk region take place in the most complicated hydrological conditions
This was announced by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Irkutsk Region Ruslan Bolotov.

From 107 thousands of tons of coal that need to be delivered to the northern regions of the region, today 77,4 thousand tons have been shipped, from 15 thousand tons of petroleum products - 7,5 thousand tons. Delivery of fuel to the Far North continues, despite the difficult hydrological conditions associated with low water levels in the rivers of the Lensky river basin, the press service of the regional government reports.

However, serious problems in the preparation for the heating season are observed in two municipalities of the Irkutsk region - the Mamsko-Chui district and the Kropotkin village of the Bodaibo district. According to Ruslan Bolotov, the fuel, which must be delivered to these territories before the end of August, did not even begin to import.

From the coal reserve needed for the Kropotkin village for the heating season, half the municipality received from the emergency technical stock of the Ministry of Housing Policy, Energy and Transport of the Irkutsk region, but even this coal has not yet been transported by water. Local authorities missed the point when it could be done on hydrological conditions, without timely negotiating with Verkhnelensky river shipping company. Because of this, another route for fuel delivery is now being worked through - via the Taksimo railway station in the Republic of Buryatia and then by truck.

About 23 thousand tons of coal must be delivered to settlements of Mamsko-Chuy district, of which 8,7 thousand tons have been shipped today. About 44 million rubles for the advance payment for the supply of fuel was transferred by the Ministry to the account of the organization that conducts the purchase of coal for the needs of the population of the area. The management of the enterprise decided to spend 21 a million rubles from the funds intended for the purchase of fuel for other expenses. And now the heating season in Mamsko-Chuy district is under threat of failure: the funds remaining on the company's accounts for the purchase of the required amount of fuel will not be enough.

- Due to the connivance of individual heads of municipalities, the Government of the Irkutsk Region is forced to urgently develop alternatives for the delivery of coal to the Bodaibo district and seek additional funds for the purchase of fuel in the Mamsko-Chui district. I want to note that the conclusions from the current situation have been made by the regional Government, the relevant security agencies have been informed and the necessary measures will be taken, said Ruslan Bolotov.