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Sheremetyevo published a chronology of the tragedy with SSJ - EastRussia | Far East






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Sheremetyevo published a chronology of the tragedy with the SSJ

Sheremetyevo published a chronology of the tragedy with the SSJ

Sheremetyevo Airport published a chronology of the crash that occurred with the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft, assembled in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, 5 in May of this year. Events set out from the departure of the board to the complete liquidation of the fire.

On communication airport, the plane flew from Moscow to Murmansk in 18: 02 local time, ten minutes later the commander of the aircraft reported to the dispatcher about returning to Sheremetyevo due to the failure of radio communications. A minute later, he reiterated the loss of radio communications and, in addition, the loss of automatic control of the aircraft.

In 18: 14, the flight supervisor informed the shift chief of Sheremetyevo Airport about the return of the board. The plane landed in 18: 30, after landing there was a fire. A minute later, the flight director announced the alarm, at that time emergency ramps were released, and the evacuation of passengers by the crew began.

At 18: 32, the first fire brigade arrived at the airport’s rescue team, after a few seconds, the second billing arrived, and after a minute, four more. In 18: 35, rescuers entered the burning board, and 18: 48 the fire was completely extinguished.

To extinguish the aircraft, 26 rescuers were attracted to six aerodrome firefighters of the car, they used a gas and smoke protection vehicle to extinguish inside the aircraft, and 73 spent tons of fire extinguishing agent. Legal and professional assessment of the activities of all persons involved in this event, Sledkom and the Interstate Aviation Committee.

The disaster occurred on 5 in May, the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 airline "Aeroflot" emergency landed and caught fire. Onboard were 78 people, 41 people died. A criminal case has been initiated into the fact of an emergency landing and a plane fire. Investigators suggest that cause of disaster there could be insufficient qualifications of pilots and controllers, technical malfunction or adverse weather conditions. In this case, piloting error is considered the main cause of the incident.