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Scientists and rescuers from Yakutia are planning extreme fusion from the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean in the summer - EastRussia | Far East






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Scientists and rescuers from Yakutia plan in the summer an extreme alloy from the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean

Rafting along the rivers Okhota and Indigirka from the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean is planned in the summer by representatives of the Yakut branch of the Russian Geographical Society (RGO)

Scientists and rescuers from Yakutia plan in the summer an extreme alloy from the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean
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The idea of ​​the expedition "The Pole of Cold Connects the Oceans" belongs to the All-Russian Union of Rescuers and was supported by a grant from the RGO. The trip will begin in July and will last about a month.

“The mission of the expedition is to prove that between these oceans there is an inland waterway. At a minimum, this is an interesting tourist route, which, I am sure, will become popular in the future. As a maximum, perhaps, we will manage to open a new and promising transport highway, ”the message says travel director Yury Vorobyov.

According to him, the uniqueness of the route lies in the fact that usually from the Pacific Ocean to the Arctic Ocean go by sea, around Chukotka and Kamchatka. And directly, across the continent, no one of his contemporaries has yet passed.

“The complexity of the route is very dependent on the season. Those places that are in the big water are evaluated in the fifth category of complexity, in the summer they are very easy to pass - almost to “one”, - says Y. Vorobyev.

The starting point of the way is Okhotsk (Khabarovsk Territory), the final point is the Russian Ustye (Yakutia). It is emphasized that the expedition will first move to the west, and then turn to the north-west. The length of the route is 2,8 thousand km on the territory of Yakutia and the Khabarovsk Territory. The team consists of 12 people - scientists, lifeguards and doctors who have experience of water trips 2-5 Categories of complexity.

Following the results of the rafting, they will release a documentary with the working title “From the Quiet to the Arctic”, as well as a description of the entire route - from a scientific and geographical point of view.