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Scientists: Kuril Islands are rich in rare rhenium metal

On the cutting edge of high technology came a rare rhenium metal, from other elements it is distinguished by a super-high melting point (3180 ° C) and low-temperature ductility, Vestifinance

Scientists: Kuril Islands are rich in rare rhenium metal
According to the Director of the Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Crystallochemistry of Rare Elements, the first vice-president of the Association of Geological Organizations Alexander Kremenetsky, a contradictory property called the rhenium effect, made rhenium material # 1 for engines of reusable aviation and spacecraft.

According to him, the addition of total 4% or 7% rhenium to high-temperature alloys allows 15% to increase the strength of gas turbine blades and increase their service time by a quarter.
It is reported that the demand for rhenium, despite its high price ($ 3,5 thousand for 1 kg), has grown dramatically in the world, the US consumes 20-30 tons of rhenium per year.

In 1992, scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences discovered an unusual mineral in the crater of the Kudryavy volcano on the Kuril Islands. Outwardly, it is very similar to the known molybdenite from which the associated rhenium is obtained. A new mineral, still unknown to science, is rhenium sulphide-contains 70% of metallic rhenium, which gave it the name rhenium. The essence of the open phenomenon is that the gases of Kudryavy volcano each year carry out from the earth's interior to the surface up to 15 tons of rhenium, up to 50 tons of germanium and indium, as well as several tons of vanadium, gold and silver.

It is reported that, for the first time in the world, commercial rhenium salt, ammonium perrinate, was obtained from volcanic gas. It has about 70% rhenium in it, and you can sell it for $ 600-800 per 1 kg. And if you build a plant, then every year it is possible to get at least two tons of rhenium from gas out of gas at first, which is almost $ 1 billion each year.

Today, in the Southern Kuriles, industrial deposits of gold and silver are known (Praslovskoye deposit on Kunashir and Kupol on Urup), 25 beach placers of titanium-magnetite with vanadium; Deposits of native sulfur, agates, steam-hydrotherms and, finally, a new source of rhenium - the volcano Kudryavy. Estimated cost of minerals of the Kuril Islands is more than $ 45 billion.