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Scientists: the state of killer whales and beluga whales from the bay in Primorye has deteriorated markedly - EastRussia | Far East






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Scientists: the condition of killer whales and beluga whales from the bay in Primorye has deteriorated markedly

Leading Russian experts evaluated the changes that have occurred over the past month and a half in the state of killer whales and beluga whales from the "whale prison" in Primorye. Scientists of the Institute of Oceanology RAS. Shirshov and the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology have determined that the condition of the animals has deteriorated markedly.

According to Vera Krasnova, a researcher at the Marine Mammals Laboratory at the Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, changes in mammalian skin are infectious. Because of the limited space and crowdedness of the animals, the infection will quickly spread among the belugas. Vera Krasnova believes that the likely cause of skin lesions is a decrease in immunity due to the stress experienced during trapping and adaptation.

According to the Sakhalin Ecovacht, the condition of the killer whales also deteriorated. In one of the animals visible lesions of the dorsal fin, the skin around the breath. The other has sores and papules on the head. Another killer whale has a broken tooth, has bruises, has a scar and is inflamed and has skin. In this case, the smallest of the males, whose health in mid-January considered the worst, in the aviary is no more. Scientists suggest that this is the very killer whale that supposedly escaped from the adaptation center.

Scientists and environmentalists believe that in order to save animals, it is necessary to begin the program of their rehabilitation and preparation for their return to the natural environment as soon as possible. Instead, the owners of the "whale prison" continue to tame them and prepare them for life in aquariums and dolphinariums.

Understand the situation with killer whales and beluga whales, imprisoned in Srednyaya Bay in Primorye, commissioned Vladimir Putin. Ministry of Natural Resources employees and experts will make a plan for adaptation and the return of killer whales and belugas to their natural habitat. Now the ministry is working on the issue of introducing carnivorous killer whales in the Red Book.