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Scientists declassify Japanese women longevity - EastRussia | Far East






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Scientists declassified the pledge of longevity of Japanese women

Japanese women are famous for good health and live a record long time - on average, up to 86,4 years. The secret of their longevity is simple: they eat a lot of raw fish and vegetables and drink green tea. In this case, the residents of Japan eat no more European, and even less. Their daily diet is about a quarter of less calories. The main thing, it turns out, is not in quantity, but in the quality of food.

“They eat fish three times a week, eat a lot of vegetables and whole grains and soy products,” explains one of the authors, a famous gerontologist Craig Wilcox, who studied Okinawa for many years about the causes of longevity of its inhabitants. “They eat the most on the planet konbu algae, as well as octopus and squid meat, rich in taurine, which lowers cholesterol and pressure. They also drink healthy green tea. ”

An important role is played by food culture in Japan. Japanese eat on small plates with chopsticks. It slows down the process of eating and does not allow to eat a lot.

Interestingly, the Japanese for longevity are inferior to Icelanders, Swedes and Swiss, but given the traditional passion of the people of the rising sun to alcohol and the habit of working for many hours, 79,9 years, according to Times, is not so bad.