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In the Sakhalin water area in 2016, the catch of Pacific salmon can reach up to 100 kt - director of SakhNIRO - EastRussia | Far East






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In the waters of Sakhalin in 2016g, the catch of Pacific salmon can reach up to 100 thousand tons - the director of SakhNIRO

According to the director of the Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (SakhNIRO) Alexander Buslova in 2016, the Sakhalin fishermen can catch 80-100 thousand. Tonnes of Pacific salmon, although this forecast may be adjusted

In the waters of Sakhalin in 2016g, the catch of Pacific salmon can reach up to 100 thousand tons - the director of SakhNIRO
This was discussed at the parliamentary hearings in the regional Duma on the issues of salmon resources conservation.

"According to the trawl survey of juveniles in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and genetic studies, experts believe that the catch in the Sakhalin region in an even 2016 year may amount to 127 thousand tons of salmon. But having burned last year on data from such surveys and optimistic forecasts, we now do not venture to say that such a catch will be. Therefore, our analysis as a whole - the fishermen will be able to extract 80-100'000 Tons of fish, "he said.

The main fish approaches are expected to the east coast of Sakhalin and the southern Kuriles. But these data can be corrected after the trawl survey, which will be conducted by FSUE “TINRO-Center” along the Kuril Islands along the salmon from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

A. Buslov said that scientists can not explain the reasons for the failed salmon fishing season in the Sakhalin region last year. “What happened, we still can not explain. Some kind of catastrophic process occurred in the ocean ecosystem, and therefore the forecasts were not justified everywhere. There was almost no pink salmon in the same Alaska, ”he said.

“Already, 4 of the year, we are looking for new approaches to forecasting, however, it is extremely difficult to predict such failures as last year. They occur about once every 25 years, ”the director of SakhNIRO stated.

According to him, last fall, scientists conducted a traditional trawl survey of juvenile salmon leaving for feeding in the Pacific Ocean. It has been established that more than 1 billion of pink salmon have been fed for feeding, which makes it possible to rely on 2016, thousand tons of this fish, in 260 for the whole year, Interfax notes.

Scientists do not rule out that further decline in the volume of catches of Pacific salmon, in particular, pink salmon, may continue.

As reported, 2015 year Sakhalin fishermen extracted 82,5 thousand tonnes of salmon with a forecast of 187 thousand tonnes. Including the forecast for the salmon harvest: the recommended 149 thousand tonnes of this fish were extracted 52 thousand tons. Nearly 300 enterprises of the region took part in the journey.

According to the estimates of the fishing industry, last year the losses of the region's industry due to the "lean" salmon fishing season amounted to 5 billion rubles, 50 companies went bankrupt, gaining bank loans and a large number of seasonal workers, who were brought to the islands from the mainland 20 thousand seasonal workers).

The salmon spawn traditionally begins in the region in early June and ends in late October. Most of the salmon is supplied to the domestic market.

Salmon catches are compared between even, “non-salmonary”, years and between odd, “salmon”. In the 2012 year, fishermen of the Sakhalin region caught 128 thousand tons of salmon, in 2014 year - 122 thousand tons.