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In the future, the new airliner MC-21 may become a transport - Yuri Slusar - EastRussia | Far East






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In the future, the new MS-21 airliner may become a transport aircraft - Yuri Slyusar

In the future, the new passenger short-and medium-range MS-21 aircraft can be converted into transport aircraft, the president of the United Aircraft Corporation UAC Yury Slyusar told journalists on Wednesday at the presentation of the airliner at the Irkut Corporation plant,

In the future, the new MS-21 airliner may become a transport aircraft - Yuri Slyusar
"The big side door is sawed out. Conversion can take place in the form in which it usually takes place on our civil aircrafts, "said Slyusar.

He noted that the conversion of passenger aircraft into transport takes place after a 20-year service life.

The MS-21 family of passenger short-and medium-haul airliners is being commissioned by the state to replace the existing Tu-204, Tu-154B / M fleet and their western counterparts (American Boeing 737 and European A-320 are considered to be the main competitors). The share of components of foreign suppliers in MC-21 is 30-40%. Capacity liners - from 150 to 211 passengers, depending on the version, which will be three. Flight tests are scheduled to begin at the end of 2016, mass production - in 2017. Since 2020, Irkut plans to produce MS-20 21 airplanes annually, and from 2023, it will increase the pace to 70 machines per year.

Today, Irkut has signed solid contracts for the supply of 175 MC-21 aircraft, the corporation said earlier.

The first customer was Aeroflot, with which a deal was concluded for 50 units, Interfax notes.

Among the leasing companies that have signed contracts for MS-21 are AviaCapital-Service (85 aircraft), controlled by the KL Ilyushin Finance Co. (50 aircraft), and VEB-Leasing (30 vessels).