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Walruses kept in captivity in whale prison in Primorye - EastRussia | Far East






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Walruses are held captive in a whale prison in Primorye

Walruses are held captive in a whale prison in Primorye

Environmentalists from various organizations plan to find out the fate of walruses who are in the "whale prison" in the coastal bay Srednyaya. It used to be used to hold killer whales and beluga whales near 100.

“So far, no one knows the exact number of animals, because nobody is allowed to visit them. You hear the walruses, they constantly scream. In addition, there are some answers from the Amur Environmental Prosecutor’s Office, in which the agency writes that there are walruses in Srednyaya Bay, then no, ”Dmitry Lisitsyn, head of the Ekovakhta Sakhalin organization, told EastRussia.

The ecologist himself was in the "whale prison" when he examined the killer whales and belugas, and heard the screams of walruses. Then the employees confirmed that there are walruses there. According to Dmitry Lisitsyn, they are kept in a closed iron hangar without windows and light.

“They were caught together with killer whales and belugas in the early autumn of 2018. Now we will clarify the legal status of walruses in order to determine their future fate. It is difficult to say exactly what measures we will take. The release of killer whales and belugas took us all the time, and now we can finally do walruses, ”said Dmitry Lisitsyn.

The last batch of beluga whales on the eve released in Assumption Bay Lazovsky district. The animals were transported in three lots on the research vessels Zodiac and Professor Kaganovsky.

Around 100 beluga whales and killer whales caught in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in 2018 year for sale in China. After the intervention of public figures, and then law enforcement, violations were identified, and at the end of June this year animals started to release in batches.