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In the Sakhalin region, since the beginning of the year, education for a semester in universities has risen in price by 82,4% - EastRussia | Far East






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In the Sakhalin region since the beginning of the year, tuition fees in higher education institutions have risen in price by 82,4%

According to SakhalinStat, inflation in the Sakhalin region for the period January-September (9 months) was 8,8%, in September - 0,8% (in August, the figure was 0,9%)

In the Sakhalin region since the beginning of the year, tuition fees in higher education institutions have risen in price by 82,4%
"Food products for 9 months went up by 9,4%, in September - by 0,4% (in August - by 0,3%); Non-food products for 9 months - by 7,4%, in September - by 0,7% (in August - by 0,6%); Services for 9 months - by 9,8%, in September - by 1,6% (in August - by 2,2%), "the message says.

In September there was a rise in prices: for mutton - for 4,8%, for beef - for 2,3%, for meat-smoking - for 2,6%, for culinary products from poultry - for 1,8%, for caviar of salmon fish - for 9%, for fish (salted, pickled, Smoked) - by 6,8%, fish fillets - by 2,9%, ice-cream fish undivided - by 2,8%, salted and smoked delicatessen products from fish - by 2,3%.
At the same time, prices for chickens and frozen chickens decreased by 2,3%, chilled and frozen salmon fish for shredded fish decreased by 3,4%.

Monthly prices also increased: polished rice - by 13,8%, millet - by 4,2%, buckwheat - by 4,1%, noodles - by 3,5%, oatmeal and barley - by 2,8%, pasta made from wheat flour of the highest grade - by 2,5 %

Frozen vegetables became more expensive - by 3,8%, fresh tomatoes - by 3,3%. At the same time, fresh cucumbers fell by 20,9%, canned beetroot - by 3,6%, carrots, fresh cabbage - by 2,5%. Among fruits, the rise in prices was noted for oranges - by 5%, apples - by 3,3%, dried fruits, nuts - 2%.

In September, the average gasoline prices in Sakhalin Region increased by 1%. Average prices for diesel fuel remained at the level of the previous month.

In the services sector, tariffs for semester tuition at universities increased significantly - by 82,4%, tuition at educational institutions of secondary vocational education for the semester became more expensive by 24,6%. The services of hotels and other places of residence went up by 3,5%, hairdressing services - by 2,9%.

The cost of a minimum set of food products on average in the Sakhalin region in September amounted to 5 thousand 389,18 rubles per month. In relation to August, the cost of the minimum set of food products in the Sakhalin region decreased by 0,5%, compared to December 2014 - increased by 6,9%.