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Personal data of thousands of Russians 900 leaked to the network - EastRussia | Far East






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The network has leaked the personal data of 900 thousands of Russians

The network has leaked the personal data of 900 thousands of Russians
The personal data of OTP Bank, Alfa-Bank and HKF-Bank customers were made publicly available. Phone numbers, names, passport details, information about the place of work and residence of approximately 900 thousands of Russians have flowed to the network.

As the Merchant, two data leaks Alfa-Bank customers found on the eve of DeviceLock. In one of the databases were 55 data of thousands of customers that are relevant to 2014 – 2015 years. The other database contains only 504 records, but dates from 2018 – 2019 over the years, and in addition to the name and contacts, contains the year of birth, passport information serving the Alfa Bank branch and the account balance in the 130 – 160 range, thousand rubles. It is noted that all clients from the first base live in the North-West Federal District. In addition to employees of private firms, it contains data about 500 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and 40 from the FSB. Two more open access databases contain data on almost 25 thousand clients of HCF-bank and 800 thousand clients of OTP-bank. According to experts, the persons who own these data may be subject to fraud or regular spam.

Information about data leaks will check Roskomnadzor. The ministry has already called the situation blatant. According to RBCA publicly available database was posted on the page of the international forum from which it was available for paid download. The service is registered to a Ukrainian citizen, and the servers of the forum itself are located in Germany. Russia may apply to the court with the request to block this forum on the territory of the Russian Federation in connection with a massive violation of the rights of citizens.