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The participants of LLC "TETS-10" in Irkutsk region will include Irkutskenergo - EastRussia | Far East






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The participants of LLC "TETS-10" in Irkutsk region will be Irkutskenergo

The introduction of 1,77 billion rubles in the authorized capital of LLC "TETS-10" was approved by the Board of Directors of PJSC "Irkutskenergo"

The members of the LLC
The press service of the company reports.

"Based on the application of PJSC" Irkutskenergo "on the admission of 10 billion to 10 billion 1 million rubles (770 thousand rubles - formation of the authorized capital) as a contribution to the authorized capital of LLC" TETS-90 " , 1 billion 769 million 910 thousand rubles - formation of additional capital), "the company said.

As a result of making a contribution to the charter capital of LLC TETS-10, its size will reach 100 thousand rubles, Irkutskenergo's share in the capital will be 90%, the share of Vostsibugol Company (KVSU) - 9,9%, Helington Commodities Limited - 0,1 %.
The decision of the board of directors is not commented on at Irkutskenergo.

Now the authorized capital of LLC "HPP-10" is 10 thousand rubles, co-owners of the company are LLC "Vostsibugol" company (99%) and Helington Commodities Limited (1%). In turn, PJSC "Irkutskenergo" through OOO "Resurserserviceholding" controls KVSU.
TEC-10 LLC is registered in Irkutsk at the location of Irkutskenergo, Interfax notes.

According to the site of the power company, CHPP-10 is one of the largest power plants of Irkutskenergo, it produces heat and electrical energy for industrial enterprises and the population of Angarsk. The installed electric capacity of the plant is 1 thou. 110 MW, the installed heat output is 563 Gcal / h.

Irkutskenergo is the largest energy-coal company in Russia, including heat and power plants and hydroelectric power stations, as well as heat networks, coal mines, transportation companies, repair plants and a processing plant. OJSC Eurosibenergo (part of the En + Group) owns 50,19% of Irkutskenergo shares, and PJSC Inter RAO 40,007%.