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VEF-2017 on business activity surpasses forums of previous years and expectations - EastRussia | Far East






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VEF-2017 on business activity has surpassed the forums of previous years and expectations

As part of the III Eastern Economic Forum (WEF-2017) concluded in Vladivostok, 217 agreements were concluded for a total amount of almost 2,5 trillion rubles, new projects provide for the creation of thousands of jobs in the Far East, the press service of the Ministry of Oriental Development reported. In total, more than 68 sessions of various formats were held as part of the business program; 80 investment projects were presented on 34 trillion rubles. The results of VEF-1,5 surpassed the performance of the forums of previous years.

“We had the first VEF, and there were certain expectations from it. Reality exceeded expectations. There was a second VEF, there were certain expectations. Reality exceeded expectations. The same thing happened at the third VEF. So, we must continue this good tradition, so that at the Fourth Eastern Economic Forum we could surpass what we will count on and make the results even better. The mood of the whole team that deals with the Far East is for each Eastern Economic Forum to go to the new quality of the development of the macro-region: a new application of the mechanisms that are used, their improvement. According to the dynamics of the three Eastern economic forums, we see this, ”the message says the words of the head of the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development Alexander Galushka at the final press conference of the forum.

“The Eastern Economic Forum is not a spectacle. We do not bow down with every investor. We work with every investor. They come to us with a bunch of problems - big, small - all this must be solved. Only then the number of projects will increase as now - exponentially. This is a small business world. Information about "it turns out - does not work, help - do not help" goes instantly. If there are any failures, it will immediately be felt, ”the press service quoted the explanations of the vice-premier, the plenipotentiary of the president in the Far Eastern Federal District, Yury Trutnev. He recalled the main trends of the preceding WEF. “At the first forum we went out with the fact that the model was created, an understanding was formed of how we will go with this. There was nothing else. This was treated differently. It was a collection of ideas. A lot of laws were passed to the second forum, some movement began to be outlined. Now we have focused on working moments, saying that we are launching 86 enterprises by the end of the year, and 51 is already working, five enterprises have now launched at the third WEF with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation. It was important to show that in the Far East investment projects live, enterprises are obtained here and they work. What result we will achieve by 2018, what will be such, about which it will be important to tell others, until I know the answer to this question. But we still have some time to think about it, ”he stressed. He announced that during the first half of 2018, a preliminary program of the IV Eastern Economic Forum will be formed.

On VEF-2015 was signed 80 agreements for 1,3 trillion rubles. On VEF-2016 - 214 agreements for 1,85 trillion rubles. As part of the business program VEF-2016 a year earlier held 56 sessions.